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That coppery, metally, thing

Richard Murphy says:
October 12 2015 at 8:28 pm
No: I just don’t suffer fools gladly

23 thoughts on “That coppery, metally, thing”

  1. “I’d engage with the issues but your ego and your distorted view of the facts have got very seriously in the way”

    Now, who do you think made that comment and who was it addressed to?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Not irony?

    In fairness he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He is just not aware enough to recognise a fool when he sees one. Dunning Whatever Effect.

    But look on the bright side. If this did not keep him occupied he might be summoning dragons.

  3. A while ago I looked up the source of ‘not suffering fools gladly’. It’s from one of St Paul’s epistles. The whole verse says something like, “You suffer a fool gladly because you yourselves are wise”. So, one who says proudly that he does not suffer fools gladly is proclaiming, “I am not wise”.

    I’ll bet the Murph doesn’t know that.

  4. It has to be said that I am coming round to the idea that he might actually be one of the world’s greatest ever comedians/ satirists – surely he has to be conscious of his own ridiculousness – surely?

    Nevertheless – the comment reveals much about the man – his endless desire to curtail human freedom is because he doesn’t suffer fools gladly – being arguably the most foolish person anywhere in public life thus his entire persona and political outlook is driven by visceral self-loathing. Almost enough to make one feel sorry for him – almost……

  5. Dunning and Kruger could write a book about him alone.

    The “visceral self-loathing” explains the Guardian gig. BTW, didn’t he flounce out of the Guardian a month or two ago over some tiny little slight? Looks like he’s overcome his disgust to trouser some cash from them.

  6. Flatcap, that is quite incredible, isn’t it?

    But Polly has made a career of being unable to understand any aspect of the universe whatsoever, so it won’t hamper him at all.

    But it is quite incredible that he knew not the slightest jot of what he wrote about Facebook.

  7. Who did the ‘Come on Eileen’ comment (by commenter ‘Johnny Ray’ no less), on that thread about Facebook’s tax? Whoever you are, take a bow, it was set up beautifully!!

  8. Richard Murphy, 2011: “I won’t be going back on LBC again – at my own request, made immediately after the interview.”

    Richard Murphy ‏@RichardJMurphy 6 hours ago
    Am on LBC at one and the World at One at 1.10 pm

  9. Here’s an appalling thought for you all:

    1) George Osborne’s own preferred self-image is as the Grand Strategist

    2) The Grand Strategist idea was rather buggered by a series of cock-ups leading up to Omnishambles

    3) With the 2015 GE win, much of the Omnishambles humility has worn off, and the he’s back to politicking with a vengeance. The new game, it seems, is to steal Labour’s clothing.

    4) The LHTD has been mostly purged by the Corbynistas for opaque reasons, and we know he likes to bear a grudge.

    5) It cannot be denied that Corbynomics was an important part of Corbyn’s win.

    6) Osborne to give Murphy a job.


  10. His current disdain for his chosen profession of accountancy would seem to be indicative of his self-loathing, clearly it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Jack C – “6) Osborne to give Murphy a job. Odds?”

    Not high. I agree that ideologically Gideon and Ritchie are probably a lot closer than most people think. I also think that world governments are so skint they need to go after every penny they can find – even if that means double taxing or trying to grab money from “their” people overseas.

    But Gideon went to the Right Schools and the Tories still have a proper Old Boy’s network. He could get a much better class of fringe nut case economics advisor.

    Speaking of which, it looks like the Tories want to put Zac Goldsmith into the Mayor of London’s office. I have a simple question – is there any issue that Mr Goldsmith supports that a sensible person would not automatically take the opposite view?

  12. The point is that Murph is the “author of Corbynomics”.

    Osborne doesn’t have to be agree with the man, just lure him into how own tent with a bit of feather-stroking, perhaps fronting some important-sounding quango (the Office for Candid Bollox, or similar).

    Flatter, then neuter him in other words.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    Diogenes – “Surely this is all about discrediting the office of the mayor.”

    Zac for PM? It suddenly makes sense.

    No, I think not. I think that the Tories have been bullied into purging all the actual Tories. They now all believe the same nonsense all the other effete metropolitan elites do. Goldsmith is their ideal candidate. Well, if only he was a bit, you know, melanin-rich.

  14. @Jim,

    He’s had commenters names as anagrams, posters as dubious characters from history, names of interesting sexual practises, now it’s time for the song lyrics!

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Jack C – “Flatter, then neuter him in other words.”

    No one to the right of, say, the Socialist Workers Party could possibly want Ritchie neutered.

    It is a gift to the sane side of politics every time he opens his mouth. I include in that the slightly less insane side of the Labour Party as well. Miliband Major and Miliband Minor must be p!ssing themselves with laughter.

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