This blog works for those who have the shits

No, really, from the comments:

Thank you to one & all. I’ve had gut rot most of the day and working my way through this thread (at a leisurely pace) has cheered me up considerably.

See? Our trotting through the issues helps those with the trots.

All we need now is to do it on the Trots.

9 thoughts on “This blog works for those who have the shits”

  1. For those in need of a little extra.push as it were may I recommend the ‘Isn’t this fun’ post from 27 October. One of our little trot friends, Witchsmeller Persuivant has suffered a serious bout of the abuse trots and has offered the gems that Hamas, Hizbollah and THE IRA are the good guys and that “you’d better mind your fucking manners” isn’t just a figure of.speech; it’s an “explanation of what will happen and why”.

    And yes, I enjoyed it.

  2. By what Gurn-sea?

    Your insistence that their is no evidence that a former columnist for the Morning Star and life-long CND member is pro-soviet. That is fucking thick even for you. Not to mention Milne–no way around that cunts often expressed evil on a score of topics. But wait–Corby only picked him cos he wants endless doctrinal battles with his own chief of communications right?. It couldn’t possibly be because Jezza –noble, principled Jezza–is simpatico with the-pile-of-turds-on-the-doorstep that is Seamus Milne. Nah course not.

  3. As impressed as Ho Chi Milne is with Stalin?

    Or as Horrocks is with Murphy?

    Or is it merely the usual anus-rimming credulous hero-worship the heros of the metropolitan left insist as their proper dues.

  4. SE

    It is more of the last of these three.

    Apart from the usual “don’t do abuse you thick cunt” he took it further by threatening what would happen if I didn’t show more respect to my leftist betters. What I particularly loved though was the outrage at being called Stalinist because “Stalin was a monster, how can you call me that etc.” followed a little later by a lengthy justification of Hamas Hizbollah and the IRA with a “look, people get hurt, what of it?” nonchalance.

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