This is about male rights, not female

Muslim men in some communities are having up to 20 children each because of polygomy and the rise of “religiously sanctioned gender discrimination” under Sharia Law, peers have warned.

The restriction on the number of children is the womb slots available. So, if some men are claiming 20 such then some other men are claiming none. Women, of course, are still having the same number of children in aggregate.

Polygamy is a problem for beta males more than it is for anyone else.

15 thoughts on “This is about male rights, not female”

  1. Most women prefer not to have continual uptake of “womb slots”, but if their access to family planning is limited by the need to at all times be accompanied by a chaperone when leaving the home, who can veto the destination, they are enduring more pregnancies than they would choose to. As an undergraduate I did research in poor women’s contraceptive choices. These were for methods not easily detected by male partners who preferred evidence of their virility, despite inadequate and unreliable income. Given the generosity of the UK state, there is an added incentive for Islamic patriarchs to keep filling those womb slots.
    Sorry, Tim but this is about (the lack of) women’s rights.

  2. @Ljh

    How is it a contraception issue? Isn’t that the same irrespective of whether or not the husband is polygamous?

    I suspect the number of “womb slots” is controlled by women.

  3. And in a few years the feminist women will find themselves at ‘the back of the bus’ – then will be second class citizens.
    The politicians will catch on fast.

  4. Rolo, the demand for discreet contraception by women is because a lot of male dominated societies like their women to be kept pregnant. Transfer this to UK where the taxpayer effectively keeps both women and children and you have a lot of RoPers taking advantage wo the multiculturalists raising a peep about the farming of little RoPers off shrouded, secluded breeding stock, kept well away from contamination by western values. Everywhere women have free choice and easy access to contraception, the birthrate falls, seeing more opportunities for themselves than as “womb slots”.

  5. If their numbers go up while ours go down we lose. Not counting imported RoPs.

    No benefits for more than 2 kids ever regardless of circumstances would be a good start.

  6. Sorry, but is not only Muslim men that keep putting buns in the oven. I am aware of a 22 year old lad, who already did some time, who fathered 5 kids with 3 partners. His mother is quite proud of her virile and attractive son. It is our welfare system that make having babies so attractive for young girls, council flat, etc. and not having to work.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Why should I pay for any of your fucking kids? Scrap child benefit altogether and bank the cash if you’re feeling a touch more austere than that Mr. Osborne or cut taxes if you’re not.

    Oh, and polygamy’s illegal (and vile). Fine/jail/deport. Repeat as necessary.

  8. Monogamy isn’t just a non-compete clause against beta males, it’s a non-compete clause against males who aren’t around the whole time. Polygamy made plenty of sense in tribal societies. 90% of your men went to war, it all went wrong, 10% came back. Married women not of much interest to the enemy so polygamy means you get another go a generation later. A shortage of men is only ever a temporary thing in polygamous societies. Once the Romans come along however, and master the art of beating the crap out of almost everyone else without incurring too heavy losses, it’s a problem if you village chieftan has married 7 women by the time 5 of the 6 sent to the army come home after serving their time.

    Which is arguably why the Romans invented monogamy. Thankfully for the modern era the Christians adopted it before they became militarily bolshie.

  9. I’m reading Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven at the moment, which is about Mormons. It appears Joseph Smith “received a revelation” instructing him to engage in polygamy mainly because he was a randy bastard who women liked and he didn’t want to commit adultery (although he did). His proper wife was less than impressed.

    Anyway, one of the main issues in the fundamentalist Mormon sects which practice polygamy is that inbreeding becomes rife as the available women are usually cousins of some sort. There’s also an issue of the women basically being forced into it. I expect it’s not too dissimilar in other polygamous societies.

  10. Women, of course, are still having the same number of children in aggregate.

    If this were true, a society’s birthrate would be merely a function of its male-to-female ratio.

  11. Polygamy may be illegal, however getting a wife, a mistress and a girlfriend pregnant is not. Simply not marrying under UK law.
    Should government or indeed society get involved in who has sex with who if none of the participants complains?

  12. It has been noted before that in countries where a lot of males have no access to women, you also have a lot of males involved in violence and anti-social behavior.

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