This is an interesting description

If I only ever spout the conventional wisdom then why is it that so few people agree with me?

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  1. As someone who might agree on very little with The Blogger I agree this is just childish ad hom’. Anyone too far from the Overton Window gets this failure to engage and assault via labels etc

  2. When a disputant sinks to ad hoc, you know they’ve lost the argument. It’s an admission that you’ve won, Tim.


    sorry for shouting.

    do you really think that’s an admission he’s lost the argument?

  4. Looking at the Twitter feed, around 4 references to ‘Trolls’ in the first 8 comments kinda tells its own story…..

  5. He is, to use an academic term, an arse. On another blog he asserted, quoting part of his own Great Work I think, that there was no world empire between the decline of the Western Roman Empire and the modern European empires. I pointed to the Caliphate: I didn’t even remark on what a dim error that was. Nor did I allude to other candidates, being short-live steppe empires; just the Caliphate. He hit the roof. Actually, I withdraw “arse” and replace it by “twat”.

  6. He says:

    “Inequality increasing? BOLLOCKS!” (Sigh. Where to start?)

    According to The Independent on line today:

    ‘Income inequality has not risen since the financial crisis, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics.’

  7. I’d not heard of him before today, when someone linked to the article on FB. I just assumed he was another clickbait loon, like La Proudman.

    The Graun online really is the Mail for lefties.

  8. @Luis Enrique

    Calling someone rude names is not an ad hominem argument. An ad hominem argument uses irrelevant personal characteristics of the opponent to dismiss their arguments. Timmy intersperses logical argument with epithets for rhetorical purposes.

  9. The world was a lot better when people could say what the fuck they liked to each other and if necessary sort it out behind the block.

    A bit OT but it’s happening in fucking rugby now. When one of the Tuilagis gets suspended for merely playing rugby, and Sean O’Brien gets a bad for giving Pape a gentle dig to get his hands off him there’s really no future.

  10. dearieme,

    “Actually, I withdraw “arse” and replace it by “twat”.”

    I am aware of the distinction in biological terms, but as general terms of abuse, I’m hazy. Is “twat” worse than “arse”?

    Assuming a twat is worse than an arse (the implication of your comment), are you expressing more dislike, or more contempt? And how does it compare with, say, muppet (which I’d rate high on contempt, low on dislike – 90/10 contempt/dislike.)

    Or wanker? (60/40 dislike/contempt I’d say.) Gobshite? (50/50? I defer to Irish friends on that.) Cockwomble?

  11. Good point, Mr Allen. Compare and contrast:

    “Murphy is wrong about X because he doesn’t understand Y. He’s a mean spirited, oppressive arse”

    ” Murphy is wrong about X because he’s a mean spirited, oppressive arse”

    And yet the internet doesn’t understand the subtlety. Because it’s cool to shout people down, and invalidate their viewpoint whilst using Latin because you so clever.

  12. Dearieme,

    OK, but where do we stand on knobjockie, double yoker and ham toucher to name but three?

    You’ve got to follow these things up. Say what you like about Delong, but he’s shown consistency and stamina on Graeber. You and Tim are amateurs. (Maybe you’re wasting time on Murphy, a Cockwomble I’d be blissfully ignorant of were it not for this blog.)

  13. @Lohse,

    Ad hoc is also generally an admission of defeat, or at least of having royally screwed up your experiment.

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