This is fun, isn’t it?

The BBC is investigating claims about a £10,000 Great British Bake Off betting scandal involving its employees.
Ladbrokes said that workers at the corporation had opened accounts in order to place bets on the winner of the show, which was recorded several weeks ago, according to The Sun.

All those selfless public sector workers at the BBC, who do it for us, not for mere lucre.

Dozens of new gambling accounts were thought to have been created by individuals with links to BBC workers and the Love Productions, the independent production company that makes the programme, it was claimed.
“Whoever is doing this thinks they are being very clever,” a source from Ladbroke told The Sun.
“But they are not that smart as they have been using their own names to open accounts.
“A quick Google and you can see that [some of them work] in television and have close links to the BBC and Great British Bake Off’s production company.”


The source continued: “Lots of the other accounts appear to be owned by friends and family of culprits.
“They must think we are a bit thick but we know how to sniff out funny business like this.
“Placing everything on one baker again and again immediately set off red flags.”

Yes, quite. The bookies risk losing money over this. so of course they’re going to be a bit active in looking for people gaming the system. Incentives do matter after all…..

4 thoughts on “This is fun, isn’t it?”

  1. Hmmm if bookies are going to take bets on something that has already happened then they should take care before the bets are made or pay out what they owe. I believe that bets aren’t legally enforceable so they can just refuse to pay up mind.

  2. Running a book on a film of raindrops running down a windowpane?
    Well I never!
    I wonder what odds they’re giving on who wins the big fight in Rocky 1?

  3. I was told by someone who worked on it that back in the early days of Big Brother, Channel 4 bought an off the shelf phone-betting system that could only cope with a fixed number of votes (let’s say it was a nice round million). They had massively underestimated the popularity of the show and so the system was regularly maxed out by the Wednesday or even Tuesday before the Friday eviction, and without the public being told the votes were frozen then and that was Friday’s result. A number of C4 production crew (and a good few board regulars on Popbitch, IIRC) had a tasty sideline in placing discreet bets with the bookies

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If a bookie thinks you are pulling a fast one he will hand you back your stake, tell you to fuck off and, if his firm is sufficiently large, to take it up with their ombudsman, who will tell you to fuck off.

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