Timmy elsewhere

At Computer Weekly.

Not quite El Reg style but same sort of idea.

But, erm, zero comments?

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  1. Must confess, I haven’t read CW in “a while”. Still, if they’re giving you a decent rate, clearly many other people are still reading.

    I’d suggest a couple of additions to your thesis:
    1. For an established company with consistent spend on hardware and ops, the Cloud is attractive because you can share the profits from the economies of computing scale with your Cloud company – while giving up a certain amount of direct control (no matter how poorly managed by yourself).
    2. But the key win is for companies that want trial out a service with transient demand; they don’t need to pay the fixed cost of building and maintaining the infrastructure needed for peak traffic, they pay-by-the-CPU-second for the infrastructure they need at each hour. They can pay a small premium to gamble on success and never worry about running out of computer power if success materializes – as long as they have OK credit or prepay.

    So it’s not just that compute power has been commoditised ; dynamically scalable computing is also a commodity.

  2. No comments, because CW’s website is just horrible. Your article was published today (or I assume so – there’s no date), yet it doesn’t even appear on the home page. Nor does it appear under “View All Stories”, which inexplicably takes me to a calendar. Nor does it appear under “View All The Latest News”, which at least takes me to some more news stories. Scrolling past In Depth, past Downloads, and past Blogs, I finally come to Opinion where I click through to eventually find your article.

    Most stories on CW don’t seem to get any comments at all. Take a headline like “Companies should do more to promote Stem studies“. On El Reg you’d have dozens of commentards claiming “well I did an art history degree yet I know more about cloud computing than anyone in our IT department”. Maybe not the most insightful of comments but it’ll draw in more comments, some responses, some interaction. They’ve carefully nurtured and grown their comments section into a user-generated content network, à la Facebook. Much like your own blog’s comments even. By comparison CW’s comments section is just tumbleweed.

    I might have to start a petition to get El Reg to take you back.

  3. Hopper,

    I’m not even sure it’s much of a premium now. I’ve got a website running with ASP.NET/SQL on Azure and I’m paying less than a tenner a month (it’s the most basic instances needed). The cheapest of the monthly hosts for that is about $12 (and not very good hosting).

    Services like Azure and AWS are going to kill off a lot of “tech support” jobs. I don’t need someone patching servers or setting stuff up for me. If I need a media encoder or BizTalk, I can pay by the megabyte or month and just add it.

  4. Yep, CW’s site is crap. It’s a great shame about the changes at ElReg, I hope the site will survive, but A hae ma doots.

  5. So Computer Weekly is still around. I remember when a thick wodge of paper came through the letterbox every week and most of it was job ads. It must be more than twenty years since I last read a copy, and even then the job ads had become so thin it wasn’t worth the bother. CW a pioneer of a path every other print newspaper will follow.

  6. Tim, interesting and thought provoking article, shame it’s on CW. I’ve never bothered with that site. El Reg is/was a fairly unique place: your article would have generated loads of debate on there. Shame.

  7. Good article and I guess it does pay the bills – can’t say it was anywhere in my list of ‘standard links’ and from what I can glean the comments interface is pretty poor – perhaps you can generate some debate!

  8. The main downside of cloud computing that I see is you’re handing over your data to the government, or perhaps several governments. There’s just no way they’ll be able to resist the temptation. This is Christmas for the NSA, everybody is putting all their data in the same place.

  9. What have they done to your face?! Looks like Torquemada got a bit frisky on your head with a vise.

    CW is off my radar since nothing else I read ever seems to link to it. I read it aeons ago at work before I finally got onto Usenet in the early 90s (BA – Before AOL…).

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