Trolling the search engines

When do the clocks go back in October and why do we have Daylight Saving Time?

A Telegraph piece in, oddly, the economics section. And a masterly piece of trolling the search engines it is too. There’ll be decent traffic from that for a couple of weeks.

7 thoughts on “Trolling the search engines”

  1. The Telegraph also do a nice line in articles on sports titled e.g. “What time does the Australia match start?” Somebody is doing their job rather well.

  2. Soon their headlines will all be like “pictures-of-cute-kitten-bank-of-England-announces-interest-rate-rise” although that is preposterous, of course. The BofE isn’t going to raise rates.

    BTW apparently Google get the hump with shit like this and eventually mark you down in their crawling of your site, though how they do this I have no idea.

  3. Rob- if you go from Google to Telegraph and then straight back to Google within a few seconds, Google will take that as suggesting that Telegraph didn’t give you what you wanted/expected.

    If you go from Google to somewhere and don’t come back for a while, that is taken as suggesting you got what you wanted.

    With enough occurrences of that sort of thing, a site’s score of Brownie points can be increased or reduced accordingly.

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