Unlikely somehow

But a new book by journalist Facundo Pastor – entitled: Nisman – Crime or Suicide? Hero or Spy? – says that Nisman was reporting directly to the US.
“When I ask if he is a hero or a spy, it is because with my investigation I backed up the fact that Nisman had turned into a top contact for the FBI in the entire region,” Mr Pastor told The Independent.

Given that the FBI works domestically, the CIA externally…..

4 thoughts on “Unlikely somehow”

  1. Shouldn’t that be “the FBI are supposed to work domestically, the CIA externally…..”
    Territorial disputes between US intelligence agencies have been a fun-packed area, for years.

  2. The Law is only for little people Tim. The elites and their Alphabet Gangs do as they please and bullshit it all afterwards.

  3. Not quite. The CIA is not supposed to operate domestically. Nothing bars the FBI from having and cooperating with foreign contacts. They do so all the time and openly.

    The real difference is that the FBI is a law enforcement agency, not an intelligence agency. That of course includes some counterintelligence but that is only a tiny fraction. Mostly they do just bog standard crime.

    So it is quite possible that in the course of some investigation the FBI would have had some contact with a foreign prosecutor. That happens all the time. It just doesn’t mean what people whose knowledge of the FBI comes solely from spy movies think it means.

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