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Why doesn’t this surprise?

Russia-linked hackers tried to hack into Hillary Clinton’s private email at least five times, emails released on Wednesday reveal.

So, the question is, given the state of American government IT as exposed by, was she more secure on her own server than on the State network?

It would be amusing to think she was safer but I don’t think that’s actually true.

In fact, assuming that “Russians” (meaning, “spies from anywhere”) knew that she was running a private server I’d say it’s odds on that it was successfully hacked. Protecting against industrial grade hacking just ain’t easy.

9 thoughts on “Why doesn’t this surprise?”

  1. The only thing you can know from certain about this debacle is that the woman is not fit to shovel excrement, yet alone lead the greatest power in the World.

  2. Shovelling shit behind bars is what she deserves but the sickening thing is that you know it isn’t going to happen. “Deserves got nothing to do with it” as Eastwood said.

    At best lets hope it sinks her campaign. Her face when the nomination goes to someone else is about the best we can hope for.

  3. “She deserves to be President because she possesses a vagina.”

    Ah, but it’s a Democrat vagina, not a nasty icky Republican cunt vagina like Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    It is not relevant except that it is not a surprise, but I am listening to the BBC reverentially paraphrasing a Syrian press briefing. In which the BBC, of course, is simply repeating every claim the Syrians make – the Russians are acting on solid intelligence, they are hitting their targets, civilians are not being killed.

    You know, everything they refused to believe when it involved Yanks.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Of course her server got hacked. Unless you have a dedicated, knowledgeable IT professional making it his job to lock down the system and keep it maintained with security patches etc., it is extremely difficult to keep an intruder out. Mail servers are an absolutely classic attack vector for people trying to break into a network. By all accounts, the lash-up system Clinton had wouldn’t have defeated a bored teenager sitting in his bedroom in Sofia, let alone the agents of a hostile state. And unlike the bored teenager, they are less likely to simply write “im in ur mailserver, readin ur intelligence briefings” and then bail so any server pwnage could have gone on for months or years undetected.

  6. BiCR is this the time when we find out that the NSA and CIA were not feeding her the real intelligence?

  7. “It would be amusing to think she was safer but I don’t think that’s actually true.”

    Very unlikely. We can talk about how shit government is, but when it really matters, when you get into serious shit like national security stuff, there’s some very smart cookies involved.

    As BiCR, you need people watching this stuff. At a state department level, you probably need a team with test servers for patching, a team to run tests and so forth.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Costa Rica – “Of course her server got hacked.”

    I am not sure it did. First of all, someone would have to know what she was doing. She has the great Spanish Inquisition defence – seriously, no one would expect the Secretary of State to do this. Thus they would not go looking for it.

    I am sure if they knew what she was doing, they could hack her account with no problems. But can you imagine the low level KGB (yeah, yeah, they still are) drone asking his superiors for permission to hack the Secretary of State’s homebrew e-mail server she keeps in the broom cupboard upstairs? They would laugh and he would be posted to Tomsk.

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