Why don’t bond traders like Nutella?

Some questions are easier than others.

The reason why bond traders don’t like Nutella is easy to explain: they can’t make money out of it.

That’s the complete answer. Nothing else need be said.

20 thoughts on “Why don’t bond traders like Nutella?”

  1. That’s going to make a secondary market for these bonds mighty tricky I’d have thought – what an absolute tool.

    His response to the comment from Silas is telling – ‘Total BS’ – You can see where Lawrence of Arabia gets his repartee from…

  2. Patty

    Your witty repartee involves repeating that everyone you don’t like should got to NK/Venezuela and that “semi retired accountants” could possible the “most dangerous people on Earth”.

    You deserve every bullshit possible.

  3. I bought the Latvian version of Nutella the other day. FYI. A quid in a pound shop.

    I like to treat myself every new moon.

  4. VP

    I guess that gives carte blanche to the people asked to peer Murphy’s future “academic” papers intended for publication to comment in the same vein:

    “Total BS”

  5. Lawrence of Beria

    Thanks for making my point for me – glad to see you have learned from your Master – run along – I think Baxter Basics MP has been posting again….

  6. BraveFart

    You forgot that those are ‘NeoLiberal Trolls’ rather than the ‘authentic voice’ of ‘Civil Society’ hence are subject to a different standard. Indeed who can forget following the famous Maugham blog his laughable protestation that ‘such people cannot be permitted to have a voice in the debate’? – a buffoonish cretin but still a very dangerous man precisely because people treat him as an authority

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    OK, I give up. Why don’t bond traders like Nutella? This is a “my dog has no nose—how does he smell?” sort of thing, right? Or am I missing the point?

  8. BiCR: Our Murph has a post up that Tim has copied word-for-word, but Tim has Nutella where the Murph has PQE.

    Yes, I read it so you don’t have to.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Thanks, I refuse to even look at Murphy’s site out of some weird superstition about how exposure to toxic levels of ignorant shite could rub off on me.

    I would have said that asking why traders don’t do something that doesn’t make them any money is more akin to asking why they don’t hammer roofing nails through their bell ends. Because it fucking hurts.

  10. If Murph reckons you can sell PQE bonds without a secondary market, he must be even more stupid than we already think he is.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The “can Murphy be stupider than we already think he is” is one of those logic paradoxes like “can God make a stone so heavy he can’t lift it?”

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