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Wings Over Scotland

So, I was all ready to get outraged about this:

The Electoral Commission has fined influential but controversial pro-independence blogger, Wings Over Scotland £750 for failing to file complete spending returns for last year’s referendum.

Why in buggery should a blogger register for anything? Fuck off etc.

Then I see:

The elections watchdog said Stuart Campbell, who runs the website from his home in Bath, south-west England, failed to submit the necessary invoices and receipts after registering as an official yes campaigner during last year’s independence referendum.

Describing himself as a former Lib Dem voter, Campbell raised more than £330,000 through online crowdfunding – more than any other yes campaign achieved from such appeals – for his own opinion polling, pro-independence advertising, his Wee Blue Book of pro-independence analysis and economic data, and to pay himself a wage to run the site.

Whether the rules are right or not he did voluntarily sign up to them and took peoples’ money having done so. Cough up those invoices matey.

18 thoughts on “Wings Over Scotland”

  1. Funny in the same way that Dr Eoin is funny ie over imaginative and hilariously wrong.

    Stu Campbell is a bit of a fiction writing sewer rat, however, while Dr Eoin is more like a sheep with a lobotomy.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    WoS features in a sailing forum “lounge” that I use quite a lot as he has his own version of Arnald who prowls the posts trying to enforce correct thinking about his master.

    What gets me about WoS is that he is so anti English, as opposed to being pro Scotland Independence, yet chooses to live in Bath.

  3. If there are going to be restrictions on how much can be spent, then there have to be regulations to keep track of how much is spent, which means people spending money should have to hand over returns.

    Having some sort of de minimis so you don’t have to deal with returns of “10p: hosting costs of the one relevant posting on my blog for the five weeks of the campaign”, but when you’re spending £330,000, then filing a return seems pretty reasonable to me.

  4. @BiND – he’s just taking advantage of the geographical specialisation that has occurred in Bath; as well as cream teas and tourism, the city’s a hotbed of digital geekery and gaming (especially journalism). Campbell was a teenage gaming geek and eventually a games journo and developer

    Of course, if you chose to use exactly that reason to explain say, the City of London’s dominance in finance, he’d roundly condemn you as a neo-liberal troll

  5. “What gets me about WoS is that he is so anti English, as opposed to being pro Scotland Independence, yet chooses to live in Bath.”

    So he’s a mentalist and a cunt. Sounds like an SNP true believer to me…

  6. Re Flatcap Army, That explains a lot. I’ve never met anyone involved in utterly stupid computer games who had much IQ above that of a prefabricated concrete coal bunker, even with a following wind..

  7. He’s also one of the most virulent and abusive of the so-called “cybernats”, so frankly the sympathy meter is firmly stuck on the zero.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

  8. I never realised WoS was Rev Stu. We have mutual acquaintances, and I think I’ve met him. As in: I remember taking the piss out of him (for being scottish).

    Lord, am I responsible for CyberNattery?

    (in fairness, the acquaintance who introduced me warned me he was a twat)

  9. The progenitor of the “whisky export tax” meme, amongst other cybernat smears, lies and distortions.

    Worryingly, he’s taken seriously by many SNP MPs and MSPs.

  10. Just looked at his blog (ugh) Can anyone explain why he lives in Bath when he so obviously hates the English, and – why don’t the residents of Bath march him to the border (with Iceland)?

  11. These lefty cyber warriors do seem to descend to the most basic form of abuse very quickly. I have had a lovely time with our friend Witchsmeller, who believes ‘not very bright’, ‘tool’, ‘thick cunt’, and ‘fuckwit’ are responses in kind to ‘Stalinist’.

    I must go and visit Wings over Scotland; one can never tire of feeling superior to these creatures.

  12. Ironman

    His worst scatological outbursts are on twitter
    He’s utterly toxic and a nasty little shit but his economic illiteracy and lies are skewered daily by @kevverage

  13. Glutton for punishment? Certainly seems to not mind having his bony wee rat-like arse handed too him on a plate each day.

  14. He had his arse handed to him by Andrew Neil and JK Rowling on the same day.

    I gave in and joined Twitter just to read @kevverage. I don’t know how he has the patience to do it.

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