Ahhh, brainwashing

We, the creative community as represented by the signatories below, ask all those responsible for negotiating the post-2020 climate change framework to agree an ambitious and inspiring international agreement.

The creative community – design, broadcasting, publishing, film, gaming, fashion, literature, music, the performing and visual arts, galleries and museums – can make a unique contribution to the global sustainability challenge. Collectively we shape not just our material world, but our conceptual world too, including the values that underpin our lives. The creative industries generate wealth and employment but we also innovate, we shape and express cultural values, influencing how people feel and the choices they make: as such we have huge potential to prompt, and reinforce, positive and sustainable change.

Off you go and do the agitprop and the rest of us will just get on with the engineering that will solve the problem then, eh?

25 thoughts on “Ahhh, brainwashing”

  1. ..we will:

    Take a leadership role with a cultural mandate for action, which exceeds the commitments of governments.

    *falls off chair laughing*

  2. Disappointed that Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) got sucked into adding his moniker to this smorgasbord of ‘B’ Ark passengers. A sound shin kicking when next we meet.

  3. Climate change is not a problem so no engineering required. Proper engineers (peace be upon them) are too busy solving real problems to waste their time and energy solving non-problems. If these creative morons really think there is a problem, let them contribute by not using electricity to create.

  4. Proper engineers (peace be upon them) are too busy solving real problems to waste their time and energy solving non-problems.

    To be fair, I’m not. I enter numbers which are incorrect into spreadsheets, then delete the spreadsheets. But then I do work for the French.

  5. Gunker – I am at your service, sir.

    I don’t mean to be racist, but when you see names like:

    Simon Green Musician, Bonobo

    It makes me wonder when we started caring about what monkeys think. I liked Dunston Checks In as much as the next cinéaste, but I’ll be in my long home before I’m lectured by some damn, dirty ape.

    Then there’s:

    Alistair McGowan Comedian

    He’s havin a laff.

  6. “The creative industries generate wealth and employment”

    Well, only sorta. The creative ‘industries’ exist because we’re rich enough to chuck a few bob at the next gibbering loon or performing monkey. So some utility, sure.
    But if couldn’t feed myself, I’d hardly consider myself wealthy just because I could look forward to another Britpop album, or reading about London fashion week…

  7. NielsR –

    Models help people. They make them feel good about themselves.

    They also show them how to dress cool… and wear their hair in interesting ways.

  8. Steve, true, provided they’re not too white, or thin, or young or whatever.

    And I shouldn’t forget that they contribute immensely to the hashtag-based outrage industry.

  9. @ Ian B
    It is authorisation to dictate the culture of the local proles. You obtain one from the Ministry of Truth (thirteenth queue from the left): bring with you your up-to-date union card (Equity, NUJ, CWU, NUT, ATL automatically accepted, also certain sections of Unite), and a testimonial from your shop steward or union general secretary.

  10. A list of ‘Who’s that’ as Steve so ably points out.

    It is possible, however that list of signatories is not entirely worthless – ISIS might well use it as the basis of the cast lists for their next video production cycle when they take over in the UK…

  11. What does this actually mean?

    Does it mean that “the cultural community” aka the signatories and their friends from the Guardian/BBC should do everything they do in a right-on bien-pensant concensus-aware approved-platform AGW-supporting way, or does it, as I suspect, in fact just mean “give us more of your money”?

  12. When reading the headline, I was at first worried that there would be some artist whose output I enjoyed and whom henceforth I’d have to skip to avoid being force-fed propaganda. Imagine my relief when I went through the list and found it consists mostly of names I’ve never heard and the rest of which will not be missed.

  13. The Guardian does love their “lists of important people”. The opinions of several million people can be contemptuously ignored, but a hundred or so musicians, actors and wastrels? No sir!

    Ironically they also whinge on and on about privilege.

  14. So what are they actually doing?

    Jack Johnson gave free tickets and interview to the local radio station that was involved in initiatives like neighbourhood and shoreline cleanups (practical work rather than pontificating), a small gesture maybe, but more useful exercise than signing a letter.

  15. “the rest of which will not be missed.

    Bowie is on there, and although he hasn’t done anything truly great in years there is always the chance he could get back on the drugs and pull something out of the bag.

  16. Maybe he’s feeling guilty for being in a band named after someone that’s responsible for moving is away from the old agrarian methods and causing the whole problem in the first place

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