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An interesting example of markets in action

I’ve quite deliberately written on the same subject, but obviously in different words, in two different places.

Brace Yourselves For The Coming Fed Rate Rise

US October Jobless Rate Down To 5%: That Fed Interest Rate Rise Sure Is Close

One of those two pieces has made me $35. The other, so far, €3.

OK….but 6 months ago it would have been $35 and $300.

Fun how markets change, eh?

12 thoughts on “An interesting example of markets in action”

  1. Not sure which is which – would assume seeking Alpha is the lower. But I’ve noticed the Forbes article only has 307 views. I run a site which has Google Adsense on it – over the years I’ve tried many advertisers, none of them have came near Google. Anyway I generate about £0.70 per thousand page impressions for my effort. So I’d assume since Forbes also uses Google Adsense the 307 Forbes views would be worth about 25p. Although Forbes probably have a better commission rate than me (70% to me, 30% to Google) and may monetize their content in other ways that I’m not aware of.

  2. Soon the only way you’ll be able to get an article published (for free) is having a relative who works for the Guardian.

  3. Jobless rate down !!??! Only in the official figures, as the participation rate continues to drop the “Real” unemployment is over 10-11% and rising. This is surely backed up by the fact that private sector wages and salaries are not increasing. Public sector, yes, and over inflation, but they’re not linked in any way to the real economy.

    No rates rise coming, IMHO.

  4. Ed Snack is correct. The federal fucks know that an interest rate rise would vastly increase the interest the same fedfucks have to pay on the same fedfucks colossal debts. They won’t raise for that reason alone.

  5. Has Forbes increased their own take, relative to their contributors? Of had there simply been a drop in what both they and their contributors make from their advertisers?

  6. Has been a change in the split but that was months ago. The current problem is a dramatic fall in traffic.

  7. I’ve noticed that big articles on Forbes go into two or more pages – the more pages, the more ad impressions, the more revenue for your articles?

    Keep padding the fuckers out until you get into at least a second page = profit.

  8. Not how it works. We’re paid on “visitors” not page views. So one person reading 10 pages pays the same as one person reading one.

  9. Ah, need to change your content then:

    ‘This one cool but underused trick by the Feds is coming…”

    ‘A rate rise.’

  10. Bit of a bummer, as I understood this was supposed to be the thing that you moved into from declining scandium?

    Still can’t get over El Reg not coming back to get you. Are they nuts?!

  11. El Reg are quite clear about what they want to do. Be less “interesting stuff for peeps” and more “we’re hardcore tech we are”. Hey, their property…..

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