Police in Australia are searching for a group of men who used motorised picnic tables to ride through city streets.

And why not, eh?

5 thoughts on “Bonzer”

  1. In any serious sense of the word, in what way was this also not terrorism? Why is the racist state focussing on so-called Islamic terrorism when these people are permitted to terrorize, candidly, ordinary people with acts like this?

  2. Ozzies eh ! bless ’em. Likely at least one Brit among the nine. Original article says ‘Most Australian of crimes’ – indeed, and motorised picnic tables – whatever next?

  3. Australians like to think of themselves as larrikins but in reality Australia is the worst nanny state on the planet.

  4. In my younger and immortal days I am pretty sure I remember going down a ski slope on an upturned picnic table. Drink may have been taken, I’m not sure about that bit. It was kind of hard to steer iirc.

    Boys will be boys.

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