Dear God this is ghastly, treacly, sentimental trash

It’s also exceptionally good, ghastly, treacly, sentimental trash

16 thoughts on “Dear God this is ghastly, treacly, sentimental trash”

  1. “It’s also exceptionally good, ghastly, treacly, sentimental trash”

    I have to fully concur, and…… I tripping off my trolley?

    Cripes, after bonfire night, Christmas comes down the track with unstoppable and with increasing velocity, it’s commercialization, the boozed up parties [I stopped going to ’em], the schmaltz and the faux bonhomie that makes me want to vomit and then, there are the relations!
    Even as a kid, I have always thought and wanted it to start on ~ 24 th Dec and finish with the Epiphany, traditional and – then most people wouldn’t find it all – such bloody murder.

    Without wishing my life away, roll on the 7th of Jan 2016.

  2. Although as has been pointed out elsewhere…

    Old man gets a telescope, first act is to look through a young girl’s window. Plod will be straight on to him….

  3. I’m reminded of a Time magazine review of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: “contains enough saccharine to sweeten the Sargasso Sea”.

  4. When it first started, I didn’t like that Americanism of putting Christmas lights outside the house but it’s grown on me, so long as people don’t go too crazy.

    That’s mainly down to what happened to me one Christmas when I had just driven a hellish journey from where I worked/lodge in east London and was turning into the end of my road in Southampton, back for a two week break not having been home for a month, with a dusting of snow that had settled, lots of the houses having pretty decent outside lights on and then on the radio came ‘driving home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea.

    I drove round and round the block until the song ended.

    OK, pretty long odds but if it ever does happen to you, you’ll know what I mean.

  5. If I have a musical kryptonite, it’s the slowed-down acoustic cover version with a young woman singing in a high key. It’s become a common, lazy, cliched arrangement, and I fucking hate it.

    But yeah, I’m not the market.

    I do quite like the Mulberry ad (which I think is targetted at men).

  6. I preferred the days when my father was reckoned a remarkably generous, enlightened employer because he gave everyone the afternoon off for Christmas.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    This is appallingly bad astronomy. There’s simply no way a telescope of that size could possibly have that resolving power. And there’s no atmosphere for the balloons to float to the moon anyway. Honestly, does nobody think to check this sort of stuff these days?

  8. I once went for an interview with Proctor & Gamble, back when I was looking for a graduate job. The organiser said “You might not have heard of us, but you’ll know our products. Yes, we’re the ones responsible for those really annoying adverts. But do you know why we use really annoying adverts? Because they work.”

    Generally speaking, advertisers know what they’re doing.

  9. forgot to turnoff the radio alarm and was woken up on New Year’s Day by the U2 song of the same name. Felt a little odd with the hangover disorientation

  10. Put it this way Ted.
    BNiC’s comment had me putting WAR on. LOUD There was no inclination to reach for a Best of Abba album, whatsoever. It was insipid trash in the 70’s & it hasn’t improved with age.

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