Do stop moaning

A battle is being waged to stop the Trafalgar lighthouse in southern Spain being converted into flats and lost as a public monument.
The historic landmark, close to where Nelson’s ships defeated an allied French and Spanish fleet in 1805, is a popular destination for British visitors. Built in 1860, it stands on an unspoilt stretch of coastline near Caños de Meca, south of Cadiz on the Costa de la Luz, an hour’s drive from Gibraltar.
But now, 200 years after Nelson died following his heroic victory, a second battle of Trafalgar is being fought.

Jeez, it’s a sodding lighthouse, built 55 years after the damn battle. And it was a sea battle: it’s about as interesting as watching submarine racing.

Find something else to worry about.

As to the actual protestor, his own application to take it over was rejected in favour of this one.

3 thoughts on “Do stop moaning”

  1. Operator of local tourist business (hotel) campaigns for local tourist attraction to remain open. Hardly newsworthy.

  2. I’d imagine this is about the deep mysteries of the Spanish planning approval process. Where level playing fields tend to be laid on vertical cliff faces.

  3. BiS…and sewers can run uphill. However, this is really strange because Cape Trafalgar, the last time I visited, is a windswept beach that has been colonised by new age hippies selling trinkets and “stuff”. I suspect that it was ever thus, if Cerbantes is to be believed. The lighthouse would be a god-awful place to live unless you enjoy the sound of the wind blowing.

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