Err, what?

Promo We are running a little recruitment drive for The Register’s daily email newsletter.

And so we have teamed up with Condé Nast – to give subscribers the chance to subscribe to the print + digital editions of Wired (UK) magazine at £1 for three issues – a whopping 95% discount on the retail price of £6.98 per issue.

Subscribe now for any Register email newsletter and then click the signpost to our Wired (UK) magazine registration page.

Wired takes it up from there. To offer is open to UK subscribers only and will automatically renew at the heavily discounted price of six issues for £9 (still a huge saving).

Alternatively, you can sign up for a 12 month sub at the princely sum of £18.

Eh? Tech mag gets readers to sign up for *other* tech mag?

14 thoughts on “Err, what?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I may be wrong, but isn’t the logic that they are so bad that no one would sign up for their own newspaper, so they will bribe people to accept their spam by an offer of someone else’s newspaper?

    Not exactly a vote of confidence. Perhaps sacking TW was not a good idea.

  2. There’s not a lot of overlap between Reg articles and Wired articles. As Alex says, the latter is a lifestyle mag.

    Maybe there’s a merger on the horizon?

  3. I did get that on my rss feed from El Reg, thought it a little odd. Used to read the US Wired, tried the UK one when the first edition came out, disappointed, never bought another.

    El Reg traditionally takes the piss out of Wired, will we see a change in editorial policy now that they are in bed with conned nasty (tcha, that auto-correct, eh? Lol)

    Seriously though, have El Reg been bought out by conde naste? They’re still on my watch list for ditching Tim and Lewis, no Dabbsy this weekend, has he gone too?

    Might be time to bombard El Reg comments with extremely anti conde naste/wired comments to see if they get pulled. Any fellow Reg diaspora up for it?

  4. By the way a lot of the better Wired articles are on As Technica for free AND you don’t have to plough through pages of puff-pieces and thinly disguised advertorial to get to them.

  5. I honestly don’t see what’s odd about this. El Reg is free; they make their revenue from advertising. Wired have paid them for an ad. (Whether they’ve paid them in money or via some other consideration that the Reg value is immaterial.)

  6. It matters if the editorial policies of El Reg have been compromised, who pays the piper and all that. El Reg’s tagline is ‘Biting the hand that feeds IT’, if their integrity is compromised we geeks need to know!

    As I said, my suspicions have been raised due to recent editorial changes…

  7. Guess we’ll know for sure if Orlowski succumbs to what appears to be a journalistic night of the long knives

  8. Surely there’s a commercial opportunity there for someone? El Reg without the stuff you can get elsewhere?

    TBH- it’s been a long time since I genuinely used the Register as a news site: The context articles and opinion pieces (along the contrarianism and excellent headlines) have been the only reason to go there for a few years now.

    Or am I just getting old and hating change (39 is old, yeah?)?

  9. 1) if 39 is old then I’m a serious coffin-dodger!

    2) I do still get some reasonable tech news from El Reg, as well as all the oh so entertaining stuff you also refer to

    3) yes, I did wonder about an upstart rival. Hey Tim Worstall, fancy consolidating your media empire? You’d need a better comment system though.

  10. Fraggle: agreed it’s not bad, but I think the value add piece for ElReg is in the stuff they’ve just shed (aside from Dabbsy- that was always rubbish).

    I think that there’s a big opportunity there for someone though- the intersection between tech and sector specific analysis and comment.

    (“I’ll just make my own themepark, but with Blackjack and hookers”)

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