Fist typing

I have, of course, written extensively on this issue. It is simply impossible to collect tax without people without appropriate local knowledge in the UK.

Tom Lehrer should rewrite that song. Your local neighbourhood taxman.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It occurs to me that this is a master plan. They are going to slowly, step by step, off shore the Tax Office. Presumably to India.

    However I hope it is to a Tax Haven. Just to see Ritchie’s head explode when his main employers are all sacked and replaced by Virgin Islanders.

  2. Why Tim?

    Are you suggesting that Murphy is a new element – something like

    Irretrievablythickium (atomic number variable depending on the income to be taxed)

  3. “appropriate local knowledge”

    He’s a Hayekian now?

    “without people without appropriate local knowledge”

    Freudian slip there.

  4. Since there seem to be 2 threads on the same topic I make no apologies for re-posting my comment from the orig thread. Of course the commenters points I answer are also back on the original thread.

    Andrew M: “Then again, maybe that’s the idea. Mr Ecks’ computers have made tax collection much simpler, so there’s no longer any need for experienced tax collectors.”

    Tax collection is likely less easy than it used to be with lots of non-English-speaking groups to look blank-faced at the collectors who call.

    They have also lost their local Inspection power. Every area used to have fairly well trained and experienced Inspector-snoops who knew the area and the businesses and the local faces/characters. They would do stuff like wandering around to see if houses had “vacancies” notices in the window and could then check if it was set up as a guest house etc. Nosy mealy-mouthed interfering scum. Thanks to Bottler and his BluLabour offspring all of that snooping is ancient history now. I understand that teams of snoopers are supposed to descend on areas from time to time but they simply have no background and don’t have a fucking clue.

    BiS: You miss the point . The real aim of this caper is that the boss class of HMRC remain cosily nested up the fetid arsehole of BluLabour (tho’if it were ZaNu it would make no difference). Yes lets please our masters by getting rid of all the little people etc. BUT if we leave too little then we, the Boss Class will be out on our arses next and that can’t be right can it? We’ll keep 13 offices –in big cities with nice comfy hotels and good connections so we can still ponce about to meetings on expenses. Most of our time tho’ we can stay in the Smoke–nice and handy for home at the end of the day

  5. As Ritchie goes round he created this and that, is it ok that I claim the credit of inventing the concept of Ritchie “fist typing”?


    So for 2014-15, total tax take was £515,348 of which income tax was £163,109, of which PAYE was £139,506 – 85%. NIC was £110,406 and VAT was £111,363. So 70% of the tax was calculated and paid over by businesses in a regular monthly or quarterly cycle with nothing for a tax inspector to do other than make a few random control visits. I suspect that most large companies (maybe even small companies) use payroll agencies these days, so the inspection job becomes even more trivial.

  7. SMFS, don’t forget that that Brown sold the Treasury to a tax haven (well, the building at least; it was a sale & leaseback deal).

  8. Actually HMRC DID sell off its property portfolio to an offshore company (Bahamas). I believe some of this announcement is to undo the long-term damage.

  9. I should point out that I was gently mocking Mr Ecks’ proposition that computers had simplified anything. All they’ve done is given the chancellor licence to add more complexity to the tax code.

  10. @ diogenes
    BUT HMRC has to record its receipts. A few years ago I asked for a check on my pension entitlement (I had been mostly contracted-out of SERPS but for a few years I was contracted-in and, for some reason, I wanted to know how much) and I was told I wasn’t entitled to the full basic pension. So I started to ASK QUESTIONS. It turned out that the entire PAYE returns of the firm by which I had been employed for half-a-dozen years (some part-time, some full-time) had been dumped in a basement in Wales without being processed and our NI conts being credited to our records. They never did tell me how much SERPS I had earned but I had stopped caring by the time the basic pension was sorted.

  11. john77

    There are many solutions to that problem, some of which would involve hiring clerical staff, others of which would get every company to send electronic returns, but it doesn’t really imply that HMRC must employ large numbers of staff in small towns with “local knowledge”.

  12. Fist typing?

    Wasn’t there some evidence to suggest he used some form of voice to text and failing to edit the results

  13. Noel

    I think you can legitimately claim to have invented the term certainly – I never had great regard for Osborne especially but the fact he is doing so much to annoy this imbecile has raised him in the estimation of many. You have to question how long Murphy, who has had several health issues over the years, can survive both the ridicule and indeed the increasing marginalisation he is suffering in the wake of Corbyn’s start to his tenure. Definitely an ‘annus horribilis’ for the man and well deserved.

  14. VP: Don’t overestimate Osburke. He is a classic example of a smug, stupid dickhead who fancies himself a shrewd operator.

    Yes–he maybe irritating Murphy. But he and BluLab are also making a mess out of everything they touche. Pointless housing hassle that saved very little cash. Minimum wage rise to boost unemployment at the same time cutting tax credits that many are now reliant on and allowing lots of migrants to undercut the job market. Doubtless he doesn’t give a shit about the problems of little people but he is not stopping the ever-rising debt and is providing the Corbyn gang with more ammo and complaints to work with. If times were likely to remain stable it would not matter much. But times are not likely to do so. The economic mess is likely to come down at some point and Corbyn and his gang–now very dangerous–will be waiting. If they get in–with help from Osburke and BluLab in general–they may never be got out again.

  15. Mr Ecks

    I whole heartedly concur that he deserves praise on this issue (Annoying and upsetting Murphy) alone – otherwise he is far from exhibiting any real grasp of economics. Like you, my worry is that there are significant clouds on the horizon and a potential economic collapse is a possibility – which would leave the door open for the likes of Corbyn and his grotesques (Murphy included) to get in.

    And as you say – imagine that future. In the closest example of Murphy’s Courageous State in the real world the inhabitants, in order to leave the country without the state’s permission, have to swim a 30 mile polluted waterway to flee and then risk torture and imprisonment if captured and returned home – and Corbyn and his supporters display far less intelligence, based on what I have read, than the members of the Workers Party of Korea….

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