Fun story about the immigrants

One I was told in the pub last night.

These rivers of humanity flooding into Europe tend to be pretty well informed about conditions in various countries. And there’s an app or two for that, of course. And, as was pointed out to me proudly last night, the Czech Republic is ranked, in such apps, as being in a dead heat for last in the list of desirable places to turn up and claim asylum. Hungary being the other.

Apparently, something to do with the benefits on offer not being very high. Plus an adherence to the actual rules about where and why one might be able to claim asylum.

People are rational and attempt to maximise their utility. Who knew?

6 thoughts on “Fun story about the immigrants”

  1. I’m curious to know what this app says about the UK. My guess would be “easy to get a job, but relatively poor quality of living compared to Germany”.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I wonder where Slovakia comes in the list ?

    It practises(ed) actual Apartheid where the Roma are concerned. Old CSFR-era tower blocks were set aside for the Roma to live in

    and then they were locked in at night to protect the local villagers.

    Not quite a ghetto but not far off.

  3. @BNLiA
    When I briefly worked in Bratislava 20+ years ago there was a lot of prejudice against the Roma on the basis of “they are ripping off the benefits system – look at this unemployed Roma driving up in his Mercedes to a restaurant that I can’t afford”.
    I don’t actually know whether I, as a relatively well-off westerner could have afforded to eat at that restaurant (I was advised not to try) but yes, it was a Mercedes, and the driver and passengers did look Roma and the guy who was moaning was not normally racist – he didn’t even know his own racial origins (probably included some Serb or Croat but no idea which), attended primary school in Hungary, secondary in Russia. He was also a senior executive in a major Slovak bank: I was quite shocked.
    Under Soviet rule the Roma were required to work, after it ended most gave up or lost their jobs and relied on state benefits (or crime). I just do not know why so many lost their jobs – prejudice only goes so far in a small firm, the boss will keep the guys he *really* needs or the firm will collapse.
    PS There is no guaranteed way to lock people in unless you seal up the fire exits with six feet of reinforced concrete.

  4. “People are rational and attempt to maximise their utility” -Not any more apparantly.
    The kind of people who fought and defended their countrie against the invaders in WW2 are now replaced by appeasers.
    Already Danegelt is being offered.

  5. Well tonight was a game changer you’d think. Although I’m sure after tomorrow’s performance Cumberbatch will put us right in some self loathing speech about white privilege or something.

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