How amazingly weird

Paris attacks made me ‘doubt’ presence of God, admits Archbishop of Canterbury

Despite my pure atheism it strikes me as very odd indeed to lose or doubt faith over that. Looks like pretty good evidence that the Devil and evil do exist: and if one then so the other, God and grace, no?

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  1. Being an atheist I do not believe in a heaven but I do believe in there being a hell. It is here on earth and you can see glimpses of it all around us. What we do to each other is very often hellish from individual disputes that turn nasty through to group and interstate conflicts.

  2. I’m surprised and amazed that an Archbishop of Canterbury believed in God in the first place, given the bunch of wet lefty nincompoops that the Cof E is riddled with now.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    He is the Archbishop of the CoE. His job, basically, is to patiently explain to everyone that pretty much everything makes him doubt God.

  4. Well, err—thanks for that cheerful input Anti.

    When did this country last have an AoC who was worth shit? Thomas Becket ? Never mind if you believe or not–just from the point of view of leader of a large organisation, top manager etc. Badmouthing your own brand deserves punishment,. Rattner talked up his contempt for his profession and the public but at least he paid the price.

    If this fool pretending to be a Vicar wants to be an atheist fine, be one. After leaving the Church and divesting himself of the money, honours, status. free homes etc. Especially the money.

  5. Hasn’t the CoE basically erased the concept of evil & hell? People are never evil, they are just oppressed/product of upbringing/misunderstood/in need of a hug etc.

  6. The state of the Church of England make me doubt the presence of an archbishop.

    Mind you, Rome is going down the drain too with its latest abysmal choice of pontiff.

  7. Haven’t read the piece, but the quote says “presence”, not “existence.” I would have thought the Paris attacks might suggest that a benevolent god, if she/he indeed exists, was absent rather than present, ie not on the job at the time.

  8. A puzzling position for such a figure.

    A moderately sophisticated Christian might tell you that the reason there is such evil in the world is that God has given us free will in order that we might choose/eschew a relationship with him freely.

    The opposite of course being that he intervenes directly to prevent all such evil, which quickly leads to our existence dwindling to that of terrified puppets.

  9. Given that CofE priests are now adherents to the new religion, political correctness, which includes the belief that Europe should be Islamised, I’d have thought the fully justified slaughter of Kafirs in Paris would have confirmed the Archbishop’s belief in Allah.

  10. I think I’m on the same page as posters here, I’m an atheist but have a special hatred for the masochistic, pathetic and suicidal leaders of the Church of England.

    Utterly depressingly hilarious. The sooner they boot those 26 clods out of the lords and R4 stops asking what people who read the bible a lot think of the secular world the better!

  11. And the CofE top brass are probably completely mystified as to why their congregations are dwindling to nothing and Islam is the fastest growing religion.

  12. Ironically this mewling clown represents the last vestiges in our own society of the same arrogant medieaval ignorance that fuels the Islamosavages.

  13. But wait! All is not lost! On Radio 4 this morning, he said that he prayed and “God told me….” It seems we now have a direct link to the Almighty!

    Or maybe it just shows it’s all complete nonsense.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I never got the argument that bad things happening was an argument against God. Theodicy is considered a bit naff among yer more au courant theologinas, anyway. I’m an atheist, so asking why God does bad things to nice people is a bit like asking why Apollo guided the arrow that struck Achilles in the heel. I mean, he didn’t, because he doesn’t exist. But even if God did exist, maybe he does bad things because he’s a cunt.

  15. Even for atheists I’d recommend the series Rev a black comedy about a CoE vicar.
    At one point he comments that it hard being a Christian in China or the Middle East, and it sometimes it isn’t that easy being one in parts of London

  16. Also, what a prize prick. Such terrible events occur every other day in the Middle East and in parts of Africa. But it’s only when it happens a couple of hundred miles from Canterbury that the Archbishop seems bothered by it.

  17. “But even if God did exist, maybe he does bad things because he’s a cunt.”

    There are two options. Either:

    1) God is a cunt
    2) A place in Heaven requires a particularly demanding course of training, and so the cuntishness is deliberate and for a reason.

    He could certainly have been a little less parochial in his dealings with mankind, and got out of the Middle East once in a while.

  18. In fairness, he did say that he and god went on to have an earnest chat about the Paris episode. So there couldn’t have been that much doubt, what with god whispering in his ear and all.

  19. Tim – I am not sure what “pure atheism” is, but your atheism strikes me as being of the Church of Rome variety. 😉

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