No, obviously not for the people involved but still, how wonderful!

A bid to recruit more disabled employees to work on India’s railways has ended in farce after test centres were set up on the top floors of buildings with no lifts or ramps.
Many candidates who arrived at recruitment offices across India on Thursday either had to be carried or drag themselves up the stairs to their designated computers. Some were forced to abandon their applications entirely.

Truly gross incompetence like this is a wondrous thing to see, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “How joyous”

  1. Having worked a bit some time ago in then Bombay. I doubt if this was incompetence, but maybe more a very deliberate way of ensuring that it was made as difficult as possible for people.

  2. I dunno- pretty good test if you ask me. Anyone who made it thru the test centre door should gain a pass and a job.

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