How very Russian

Meanwhile, it emerged that Metrojet owes its staff two months in unpaid wages and has suffered at least two serious accidents in the past five years.
Kogalymavia, the legal entity that owns the Metrojet brand name, owes its employees up to 70million rubles (about £70,000) in arrears, Alexander Snagovsky, the company’s general director, said.
The family of Sergei Trykhachyov, the co-pilot on 7K9268, said the last monthly wage he received was for July.

You can bet that the directors aren’t skimping on their champagne and mistresses, but the staff? Hey, they’re just labour, right?

11 thoughts on “How very Russian”

  1. £70,000? Actually, it is £700,000 but hey …

    What is the rough cost of the fuel 7K9268 was loaded with?

  2. You can bet that this airline plies for business with the package tour operators (package tours are still hugely popular with Russians), meaning the holiday makers have no idea who they’re flying with until they get to the airport, pretty much. A lot of Russians will book a holiday based on the cheapest price without checking the airline. This might now change.

  3. Aeroflot was re-making itself into a decent airline, from what I saw last time I flew with them a couple it years ago. Foreign men in business class got especially attentive service as I recall.

  4. Aeroflot isn’t bad at all, they got their shit together years ago. I’ve flown a lot of airlines, and a lot of Russian airlines, and Aeroflot is far from the worst, and the best in Russia (by quite some way now that TransAero has gone bust).

  5. Oh look, there’s a surprise. The business used in creating a casus belli has had all the cash extracted from it beforehand.

    Apart from the very slim chance that the tailstrike wasn’t properly repaired and finally failed at altitude, the only even vaguely plausible explanations involve Putin ordering the attack.

  6. “the only even vaguely plausible explanations involve Putin ordering the attack” Or the CIA. Or Mossad. Or Saudi. Or the Pope, the Queen and the Freemasons.

  7. Why would the CIA or Mossad have done any such thing? You can believe it’s just an extraordinary coincidence that Putin has got an excuse for war just when that was what he most wanted, if you like. But I’ll continue to think that extraordinary coincidences of that nature are extremely rare.

  8. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    @dave – Who does this give Russia a “casus belli” with? Are they blaming the Ukranians? Or the Egyptians? If not, Putin needs no excuse to wage war. He’s already fighting in the Syrian civil war with legal justification because of Assad’s invitation. Are you suggesting he now intends to make war somewhere else entirely?

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