I beg your pardon? What?

A UK government move to drop feminism from the A-level politics syllabus has sparked outrage among campaigners and students.

The section on feminism in a revised version of the course put out to consultation by the Department of Education has been removed, along with the topics of sex/gender, gender equality and patriarchy.

Furthermore, only one woman – Mary Wollstonecraft – appears in a list of seven political thinkers in the draft.

The open consultation on the proposal for the AS and A-level syllabus will run to 15 December and campaigners and students are urging the public to oppose them.

When in fuck did we become a country when what is in the exam syllabus was decided by politicians?

Find whoever this was and hang them. Yes, even if it was Cromwell: we can dig him up and hang him again.

24 thoughts on “I beg your pardon? What?”

  1. ‘when what is in the exam syllabus was decided by politicians’
    It’s politicians all the way down. The only question is which ones will make the decisions. Silly Timmy!

  2. Err, the Education Reform Act brought in the National Curriculum in 1988 Tim. You been asleep or something ?

  3. What sort of snotty 16 year old elects to study a politics A Level? I suppose a thick one who can’t handle Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

  4. “When in fuck did we become a country when what is in the exam syllabus was decided by politicians?”

    Well, since at least the 1940s, I’d argue. OK, there’s various boards, but who decides which of those boards are good to use? And who appointed them? And who appointed them? Keep going, and you find a politician.

    I do agree with these campaigners, though. Feminism should be in there. Presumably communism, Nazism and Juche are in there too?

  5. They should study Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England – two unusually bright, well educated women.

    The first went the rumpy-pumpy route, letting her heart rule her head, until the two were permanently separated. The second went the Virgin Queen route, and died a barren crone, only for her kingdom to fall into the grasp of the former’s son.

    Describe and discuss, as they used to say.

  6. Describe and discuss, as they used to say.

    Mary Queen of DPWs – 16th century stunner with a terrible and ultimately fatal choice in men. Would have made a fine queen in happier and less snake-pitty times.

    Elizabeth – scabby ginge who bathed once a year. Would not bang. The girl who played her on Blackadder was fit though.

  7. If Wollstonecraft is in there, then feminism is in there. What I gather they are whining about is the exclusion of the suffragettes.

  8. “Find whoever this was and hang them”

    Margaret Thatcher. Or Keith Joseph, her education secretary until 1987, who was responsible for the National Curriculum proposal. Or his successor, Kenneth Baker, who got the legislation enacted.

    Safest to hang them all. Baker would be the one who’d be most affected.

  9. @ DocBud
    Being thick and not being able to handle maths, physics and chemistry are totally different things. If you think they are the same, you must be thick yourself.
    As previously mentioned I got maths ‘A’ level at 16, so I am talking from the perspective of someone who *can* handle maths, physics and chemistry.

  10. @ The Stigler
    Certainly Feminism should be in there alongside Fascism, Nazism and Communism: it is a similar political ideology, demonising those not destined to be its beneficiaries – the demonised minority is larger but surely that is a matter of degree, not of kind?

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “They should study Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England …. Describe and discuss, as they used to say.”

    Have to add in Victoria – found a decent bloke, became a good wife and mother, he died, she mourned. All in all, not a bad role model.

    If the State is going to indoctrinate, which is all teaching feminism means, then it should do it properly.

    Steve – “The girl who played her on Blackadder was fit though.”

    Innit as da yoof say.

  12. It’s noticeable that going from O to A level in a subject like history you drop the cute stories for kids approach and it becomes much more a warts and all analysis.
    I’d think that looking at the history of organisations like the suffragettes might highlight a few home truths that the feminists didn’t like (Pankhurst involvement in the white feather campaigns for example). Also given we don’t want to radicalise the youth of today teaching them about a successful anti-government terrorist movement which involved suicide and achieved its aim might not fit the current climate.

  13. Lighten up, John77, but then someone who, at least twice, has felt the need to tell people that they passed A Level maths at 16 probably isn’t able to.

    Miranda Richardson is still an attractive woman and a talented actress. Like QE1, she has never married nor had children.

  14. “It’s noticeable that going from O to A level in a subject like history you drop the cute stories for kids approach”: you must be younger than me. Even in my primary school, history contained a few uncomfortable truths – sufficiently interesting that even my poor memory can recall them. By secondary school it was all getting quite grown up.

  15. The big political involvement came with the Franco Prussian war
    and the success of the Prussians and later Germans was put down to their studying technical subjects so teenage pupils were encouraged into the hard sciences and away from the formerly dominant classics.There was a ridiculous amount of drill done in State schools often with ex-army drill instructor , just so we could be hard and efficient like the Germans. Then the inevitable happened: Thicky Thatcher who knew no history whatsoever got to dismantle the country as PM on strict quasi scientific lines while clever classicist bastards like Enoch Powell ( I write as a Lefty)got marginalised.

  16. @ DocBud
    Ad hominem attacks do nothing to support your previous snotty attack on anyone who is oriented to Arts side subjects. A diversionary tactic that is easily seen through.

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