I guess we’ve no problems left then, eh?

Members of the public should stop using the expression “fishermen” because it is sexist, according a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench team.
The party’s Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy

I guess we don’t have a vast war going on in the Middle East, there is no flood of refugees to rival those of Biblical times, we’ve not got an insane housing market and planning system. Nope, a vastly majority male occupation should not be referred to as being a male occupation. Important that.

21 thoughts on “I guess we’ve no problems left then, eh?”

  1. I’d rather Labour concentrates on this than on actual policy, given that the shadow Chancellor is apparently a Maoist and the leader is endorsed by David Icke.

  2. Yes

    And really that is all the lefties have left.

    Political posturing and correctness. They have nothing to offer a post-industrial society. They have become irrelevant and can’t come to grips with it.

    All they have are bandwagons and twitter. Twitter makes all that sort of crap not only possible but gets it across to millions of people who want to think good about themselves. Simple thoughts for simple minds.

  3. “said she didn’t want to offend women who fish by calling them fishermen.

    How fucking offensive do you have to be to assume women who are clearly much tougher than you are also so pathetic that they would be bothered by being called fishermen?

    I imagine they are much tougher than she gives them credit for. Much tougher than their whiney metropolitan sisters.

  4. Anyway surely the correct terminology would be “people of fish”. Although “people of the fish” sounds cooler.

  5. Regardless of the merits or not (and I’m in the not camp) of rebranding fishermen fishers surely your point is just an example of whataboutery.

    Sure, the Middle East may be the most important political issue of the moment but that doesn’t mean other issues can’t be debated. Even ridiculously frivolous ones like these as you can guarantee there will be many thousands of our fellow citizens who care about the nomenclature of fisher folk.

  6. How did you allow this?

    “The minister, who does not eat meat but is in charge of food and rural affairs”

    “Ms McCarthy told Viva! Life magazine: ‘I really believe that meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco, with public campaigns to stop people eating it.'”

    I have no problem if Ms McCarthy is able to live her life without meat completely. My issue is that these quotes lead me to believe she has no ability to oversee an industry that still provides the lion’s share of protein. Perhaps she should endeavour(is that the correct British spelling) to inform the public on how to meat their dietary requirements instead of worrying about a relatively trivial title.

  7. she has no ability to oversee an industry that still provides the lion’s share of protein.

    Fortunately she is the shadow minister of Ag. ie, doesn’t actually do anything except oversee policy for the opposition.

  8. @BraveFart

    Wasn’t it the other way round? IIRC, Jesus called since of the disciples (who were fishermen) with the instruction “follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

  9. I think that Jesus is now a “fisher of men, women, transgendered, ungendered, questioning, genderqueer and genderfuck”.

    Expect an announcement by the Archbish of Canterbury on the matter shortly.

  10. ” Members of the public should stop using the expression “Midwives” because it is sexist,” said nobody ever.

  11. There are roughly the same number of male midwives as female fishermen, 100. But there are 3 times as many midwives as fishermen, so men are far more poorly represented as midwives.

  12. I hate to be a pendant, but “midwife” actual comes from German “mitt wife” that is, one who is with the wife, so not referring to the sex of the midwife but to the sex of the person giving birth.

    Which actually excludes single mothers and transgendered bearers of children, of course.

  13. “I hate to be a pendant”, then you’re in the wrong place, that’s some fine pendantry.

    I’m sure the campaign for midwoman will be along soon, after all a midwife is by their name attempting to shame all those unmarried mothers into a nuclear family norm.

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