I thought we knew this already?

NASA scientists have shattered the conventional wisdom that Antarctica’s ice surface is shrinking and revealed that the amount of ice is in fact growing.
Though accepting that glaciers are still shrinking because of man-made global warming, the new study published in the Journal of Glaciology suggests that recent gains more than offset losses elsewhere.

Roughly speaking, that East Antarctica was gaining more ice than everywhere else was losing?

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  1. There has always been two sides to this. There are the scientists who have noticed that things are going on with the Earths climate and are busy trying to figure the whole thing out.

    Then there are crypto communists who needed new reason to exist after the cold war and realised that they could implement global socialism with tales of climate armageddon.

    And because scientists alway need money, it was relatively easy to get them to toe the party line. All they needed was to get control of someone else’s money.

  2. Anyone actually looking at the data has known this for, ooh, 5-8 years now. The “consensus” pushers were just denying it, ironically enough.

  3. Global warming is supposed to be increasing the amount of wet weather, eg. rain & snow. But the glaciers are shrinking not because they are melting but because they aren’t being replenished fast enough to keep up with their natural tendenancy to slide down hills. Something doesn’t add up.

  4. “glaciers are still shrinking because of man-made global warming”

    Yeah well Louis Agassiz began documenting glacial retreat in the 19th century. So that’s not news.

    But tacking on that “man-made” bit is too slick for me.

    Haven’t geologists documented 500 million years of cyclical warming followed by ice ages? Or was that also man-made?

    The last ice age featured mile-thick glaciers grinding away atop Central Park. That ice age ended about 14,000 years ago and the Central Park glaciers are MUCH smaller today. So of course the climate has warmed in the last 14,000 years. Are we to believe our ancestors who crossed the Bering land bridge 14.000 years ago emitted enough CO2 to trigger that warming? Or might it be reasonable instead to suppose the earth’s warming and cooling cycles are caused by other, more significant natural factors (which, sadly, offer inadequate opportunity for graft).

    I think this whole “human-caused” bit is far too hypothetical to be presented so often, and so glibly, as known fact.

  5. Love the way Billy Connolley turns up to tell us ‘go to the IPCC’ and then links to his deliberate misinterpretation instead.

    Give it up, Billy. The IPCC has rule, the consensus is in, and they said your nonsense is pseudoscience. That you’re now rejecting the scientific consensus on climate change just proves what we knew all along: you’re telling lies to hurt dark-skinned people in Africa and Asia.

  6. ‘recent gains more than offset losses elsewhere’

    Offset ?!?! What the bloody hell does that mean?
    Trying to ascribe meaning to independent events.
    “The rain here today offset the fair weather over there.”

  7. SBML
    It does add up, but in a rather complicated way.
    All glaciers are growing at altitude and shrinking lower down. Whether the whole glacier is increasing or decreasing in volume will depend on the summer – winter balance of precipitation.
    Plus in a hot wet summer you get “moulins” where rain can penetrate to the underlying rock, lubricating it enough to make the glacier slide faster,

    Incidentally, mankind must have done something wrong in the 17th & 18th century to provoke global cooling. The Mer de Glace advanced so far that it threatened to dam the whole upper Chamonix valley, with predictably catastrophic consequences.
    They got the Bishop of Geneva (later Saint François de Sales) in to exorcise the glacier, and almost immediately it began to retreat.

    I conclude that God’s got more to do with it than man. And that prayer works, but only if done by a bishop.

  8. saw a report recently on some of the glaciers in the Canadian Rockies where they have retreated and they are finding fossil plant life etc. in the uncovered areas which suggests that the glaciers were at least that far back in the past.
    I’ve been to a few glaciers, truly spectacular sight, even the land based ones that aren’t shedding icebergs like the coastal ones.

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