I’m very important I am, know lots of secrets

Norwegian businessmen and politicians are being blackmailed into working for Russia’s spy agencies after falling for Cold War-style honey traps involving drink and beautiful women, the country’s spy agency has warned.

Anyone think the FSB reads this blog?

Terribly important I am, know all sorts of very special stuff. Bit early in the day for a drink but as for the other stuff: a redhead with decent bazongas if you’ve one on the books?

Did I mention how important I was?

5 thoughts on “I’m very important I am, know lots of secrets”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I find it hard to believe anyone would care if the FSB threatened them with telling people they were getting a leg over. Half their neighbours would be envious. The other half would be the wives of the first half. Everyone would just ignore it. Look at what a Scandi can tough out:



    The North Koreans recognise this. They get their honey traps to get pregnant. South Koreans may not give a sh!t about the women they screw, but the assumption is they will care about their children.

    The only exception would be if the honeys were under 16.

  2. *Gobsmacked*

    Who knew the Federation of Small Businesses had such a ruthless sideline? Good luck with the redhead 🙂

  3. tut tut- not very pc and old fashioned – what of the gays, transgenders, efnics etc.
    cocaine, cash ,collectables.

  4. When I read the headline, I assumed this would be another Ragging on Ritchie blog post. He could usefully distract the FSB for years with his crackpot theories.

  5. sackcloth and ashes

    ‘I find it hard to believe anyone would care if the FSB threatened them with telling people they were getting a leg over’.

    There is a (possibly) apocryphal story of the KGB, back in the good old days, setting up the French military attaché with a Natasha, and then taking happy snaps of what followed.

    Two hoods then approached the attaché during an embassy event and asked for a quiet word. They then pulled a pile of glossies from a briefcase and offered them to the Frenchman. Then stood back and waited for his meltdown.

    The Ivans were most surprised when Jean-Claude started chuckling with delight as he leafed through the photos, and then said with a grin ‘Magnifique! Can I keep these? I want to show my friends who I fucked while I was here’.

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