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What struck me the most was the ease with which he did everything. People focus a lot on his pace and power, which is understand, but I always thought his defining quality was his balance. He could get tackled high or low and still maintain his momentum. At times, it was like watching Rudolf Nureyev or Darcey Bussell on a rugby field.

Zinzan Brooke on Jonah Lomu

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  1. I stood behind him in a queue at Heathrow years ago. Everyone was looking at him in wonder: just an incredible, imposing physique. To know that he could also sprint so fast made it more remarkable.

    Very sad.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Now I have the image of Darcy Bussell with eight French players hanging on for dear life. Thanks for that.

    Mind you, there is probably a market for that. A bit niche.

    Anyway, it was the sheer ease of the man. He made it look easy. What a loss.

  3. Further to side step. Matt Banahan has roughly the same size shape and speed but he couldn’t side step a mobility scooter.

  4. “Ease” ?!?
    I’ve met a few sportsmen and that class is the result of aeons (OK, thousands of hours but I bet it feel like aeons) of practice.
    Jonah Lomu was a brilliant player who worked very hard at his skills which tended not to be fully appreciated when gals, and even guys, were looking at his physique and going “whow!”

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