Gender is a prison we all live in


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  1. “Transgender people, non-gendered people, the androgynous and those with gender fluidity are beginning to be represented in pop culture.”

    It’s as if David Bowie never existed…

  2. It’s a tough life in the competitive world of professional victimhood. Which is just how they like it, presumably.

    Also, satire is a long word. Longer than ‘Me, me, me’ anyway.

    “They are shouted at in the street, commented upon in the supermarket and constantly dealing with the ignorant questions of the well-meaning. ”

    Are we still talking about transgender persons?

  3. This is a variant on Rousseau’s ‘Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains’ drivel. To be ‘free’ on this view, you have to be outside all institutions and social categories and transcend even biology.

  4. Let’s not lose sight of the real victim in all this: CumberBatch, the well meaning white male. Coming so soon after his coloured people gaffe he must be wandering what he’s got to do to not be pilloried.

    I’m looking forward to the Now Show parody of all this. Oh wait.

    > Most comedy could be described – advertised, even – as “over-the-top, cartoonish mockery”. And we’re OK with that when the targets are appropriate: reality TV stars, politicians, the posh. “Punching up”, it’s sometimes called. Lampoon the lucky, the strong, those who can bear it – topple the oppressors, but never the oppressed.

    Can’t see the Now Show crowd going against this fatwa. How lucky we are to have these people policing our entertainment for us, and deciding who the oppressors are.

  5. People are behind on the definitions – Wesleyan University uses the term LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM* to outline even more victim types who can either be a source of power or money for both the public sector bureaucracy and the legal profession. It’s a key future front on which Left wingers can extend their dominance over UK society and culture.

    *For information, the acronym stands for: ‘Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism’

  6. Rob

    It will end – at this rate with an ISIS victory and videos starring every single one of the victim types outlined in my first post.

  7. VP: They could push one of each off a roof at the same time and take bets on which hits the ground first. After all the ignorant bastards will never have heard of Galileo.

  8. Mr Ecks

    He is a DWEM and thus not considered worthy of study you will find!

    The problem with the pushing off tall buildings is beheading makes for a much more grisly video. Not sure which of the ISIS Beatles is stepping up to the plate now John and George have been ‘obliterated’ – ‘Jihadi Ringo’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…….

  9. VP

    Would I appear to be an ignorant repressed prejudiced peasant from the sticks if I asked what category of humanoid a gender-fvck is?

  10. BF

    You would but you would join 90% plus of humanity in that category

    Quoting verbatim:

    “‘genderfuck’ is a term used to describe ‘a person’s gender identity’ (as in female, male, no or queer) or the act of conspicuously and consciously challenging traditional ideas of the gender binary through androgyny, hyperbole and cross dressing’

    Taken from guidance at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania.

    Is it in bad taste to bet on an ISIS victory if this kind of crap is permitted or officially encouraged in the UK or US?

  11. BNIC

    You’re not supposed to understand it until you agree with it – that’s the idea!



  12. I’m surprised Murphy hasn’t jumped on the transgender bandwagon. Or at least claim he invented it in 1996.

  13. He invented the “fat-fuck” category in 1999, long before modern science had so much as got its boots on.

    A “fat-fuck” is a Great Public Thinker and Moralist trapped in the colon of a preening, self-aggrandising twat.

  14. Dongguan already won the thread, but just to add that that bearded trannie who won the Eurovision Song Contest is “genderfuck”.

    What I want to know is why Furry never gets on the list. I want to see a University create a Safe Space for people who shag each other dressed as Bugs Bunny etc.

  15. I think “questioning” means what “bi-curious” used to mean in Adult Contact magazines. Talking of which, I think I mentioned before that a while back I had a look around adult dating sites, and concluded that most ads should be headlined “Unattractive couple (underweight male/overweight female) looking for more attractive people to have sex with”.

  16. ‘genderfuck’ is a term used to describe ‘a person’s gender identity’ (as in female, male, no or queer) or the act of conspicuously and consciously challenging traditional ideas of the gender binary through androgyny, hyperbole and cross dressing’.

    Oh right. It’s basically involves being a Royal Marine.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke not in Cymru – “Given its university then ‘questioning’ could be a broad category”

    In America, their gender is the only thing students are allowed to question

  18. Not sure about the choice of prison in the sentence, after all there are many different types of prisons, some might enjoy an open prison and others may well enjoy a nice dank dungeon. There’s way too much diversity in prisons to make it an acceptable term!

  19. Jihadi Ringo wasn’t even the best beheader in the Jihadi Beatles.

    It’s Jihadi Pete Best I feel sorry for.

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