Just how howlingly ignorant is this?

Top private schools should charge foreign students three times more than British pupils so they can ‘bring back the middle classes’, an educational expert has said ahead of a conference this weekend.
Charles Bonas argues it is unfair for international students to benefit from fees that are substantially less than places like Switzerland and the US when they come from countries with lower or non-existence tax.

People should pay higher private school fees because they pay less tax at home? Aren’t we rather getting those concepts of private and tax confused here?

And very confused about markets too: British private schools have a market clearing price….which just is what it is.

Weird, weird, argumewnt.

15 thoughts on “Just how howlingly ignorant is this?”

  1. Isn’t “educational expert” an oxymoron? Anyone who has thrived within tertiary education faculties should probably be tried for complicity in the dumbing down of generations rather than given a platform to spout his idiocies.

  2. I think the foreigners probably pay more anyway: a lot of the British kids will be on partial scholarships, jeez even I got 10% knocked off the school bill for an academic scholarship in my 6th form. The good sportsmen had much more deducted.

  3. The boarding school I went to cost 6k a year in the early 90s. (dunno what that is in todays money… 10k??) Now it’s 20k+. I’m gonna need a payrise if my daughter is going to go there.

  4. Do you think that maybe people running Independent Schools Shows aren’t exactly making the sort of money for school fees? 😉

  5. Translation: “I want to send my kids there but I can’t afford it, so let’s soak the forreners to subsidise me.”

  6. DJ: modern boarding is like staying in an hotel. No more bare boards, castiron bedframes with horsehair mattresses or washstands. Even the food is edible. This costs plus the obligatory councillors.

  7. Why restrict this bounty to the middle classes? Why not the working class? Oh, they can’t afford it. But the middle classes can’t either. So why is “not quite able to afford it” a suitable spur for action but “not able to afford it at all” isn’t?

  8. The private schools might consider a compromise next time their charitable status is under attack viz say they’ll charge full fees to those rascally foreigners and focus the benefit of the tax relief on natives. Though I doubt if their foes would be interested in a compromise anyway.

    P.S if private schools are ever abolished, where will champagne socialists send their kiddy-winkies to school? Ireland, France, …..

  9. dearieme,

    > Ireland, France, …

    I understand South Africa does a decent trade in boarding schools. But do you really want your kids coming back with that accent?

  10. Who is Charles Bonas and why would what schools charge be any of his business? He’s free to create his own school and charge whatever he wants.

    I think Rob has it: Bonas is just envious.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s hard to see how any such differential pricing would work without collusion between the schools, which you may recall led to a spot of legal shenanigans a while back. More likely, if a school tried this, foreign parents would defect to ones that didn’t and any incipient cartel would collapse. If the school had sufficiently high cachet (e.g. Eton, Winchester etc.) then it might be able to a charge a premium to non-UK parents, but three times? Don’t be daft.

    BYW, where did the preview area go?

  12. BiCR got part of it before I got home to read this, but isn’t there a law against racial discrimination? And the femininists have createda law against “indirect discrimination”, so if 10% of your pupils are paying higher fees but 50% of your Chinese pupils are paying higher fees (because only half of them live in Soho), then that is a criminal offence..

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