Local newspaper headline out here

A critically endangered Iberian Lynx was killed after being hit by a car near Santarem.

Hmm, OK, I guess being hitted by a car until you are deaded is endangering. Possibly even critically….

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  1. reminds of the MV Braer, the tanker that sank off the Shetlands in 1993; everyone was most put out by the potential devastation of the local sea otter population but in the end only three otter deaths were directly attributable. One otter was quite old and would probably have died anyway. One genuinely did die from oil ingestion. The last one was run over by a Norwegian camera crew sent to cover the catastrophe

  2. A catastrophe where the meeja kill only one in three is good going. The meeja seem to have caused almost all the deaths from that Japanese nuke meltdown.

  3. critically endangered

    The stuff of journalism school. I suppose critically endangered is a quarter past endangered.

  4. OT, but I’m reminded of a (doubtless apocryphal) English newspaper headline:
    ‘Fog in the Channel: Continent isolated.’

    In my experience, Spaniards and Germans get the joke, while the French tend to frown.

  5. Sorry to be a bit po faced about this, but why are they critically endangered when they breed perfectly well in zoos and there are plans to introduce them to Scotalnd, Norway, the Alps, Pyrenees and Apennines?

  6. Iberian is a bit different from the other (sub?) species. There’s a breeding centre around the corner actually, 5 km away. And they do, but slowly. Couple of hundred left in the wild they say, reintroducing bred ones gradually, but slow process. The Iberian likes only to eat rabbit apparently, which means that as a specialist it has a harder time of it, rather than a generalised carnivore.

  7. “The meeja seem to have caused almost all the deaths from that Japanese nuke meltdown.”

    Wot, all none of them? Tho’ you have a point, it’s becoming apparent that a lot of the deaths in the local area in the aftermath of the evacuation (other than drowning, crushed by buildings, etc) were caused by stress induced by the evacuation and the bigged up media hype.

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