Might this not be a tad overdoing it?

Brussels to stay in lockdown ‘for at least another week’

The disruption caused by avoiding another attack might be getting towards the unproductively higher than having another attack level?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    200 plus dead. We might cost a human life at £3 million or so. More for young people attending rock concerts. Let’s just round up and say this attack cost a billion pounds.

    It would be interesting to know what the lock down is costing. But the costs of doing nothing are clearly not small.

  2. Tim, you should link this to tour posts from last week and the weekend so the value of the liberty lost from this ‘lock down’ can be added into the equation.

    Mind you, judged by the threads, liberty ‘ s value isn’t very high at all.

  3. The costs of doing nothing are only not small if another attack happens. Likewise the costs of a massive lockdown are all completely wasted if the attack happens anyway. The other multiplier in the calculation is surely the probability of an attack happening in each of the various scenarios

  4. As far as I understand it, you can still walk around Brussels if you want to and lots of services are still operating. They’re just not running Metro trains and opening universities etc just at the moment.

    That may or may not be a proportionate response – I haven’t seen the intelligence and I don’t know the threat. I assume those of you who are criticising the situation have seen the intelligence, do know the threat, and, moreover are experienced and capable operators in this field as opposed to being, say, fat accountants from Liverpool.

    If there are credible threats that numerous people are going to have a pop at (say) the Metro, is the ‘libertarian’ alternative that drivers and Metro staff be forced down there to work? They signed up to drive trains, not present moving targets for AK-wielding fanatics.

    The issue here is the long term. While cowardly gobshites like Ironman wank themselves into a stupor over the suggestion that even discussing the role of islam in this is racist or bigoted – anyone ever heard of sikhophobis, or hinduphobia (outside islamic countries, I mean!)? – then we are going to keep on admitting unknown numbers of unknown people and eventually they’ll be on your doorstep killing people you love, not just abstract French hipsters.

  5. May I suggest that those members of the Schengen zone boot Belgium out of it and then fence the borders with barbed wire, land mines and searchlights, as they are repeatedly the source of Europe wide terrorism?

  6. It seems that a market in the mean streets around Brussels South station is the centre of the illegal arms’ trade in Europe. The place where you tool up with kalashnikovs and hand grenades from the former Yugoslav nations, Bulgaria etc. Perhaps Brussels should be cordoned off.

  7. “then we are going to keep on admitting unknown numbers of unknown people and eventually they’ll be on your doorstep killing people you love, not just abstract French hipsters.”
    Sadly true

  8. @ interested,

    Intelligence? Are you taking anything those cnuts are saying seriously?

    Valls was saying that France was secured last July. No one has resigned in shame.

    Might as well admit that the nutters have won.

  9. “as they are repeatedly the source of Europe wide terrorism?”: isn’t that just a little harsh on the EU? I suppose Greeks might not agree.

  10. No, the west half of the city is full of unemployed islamists. The east half of the city is full of overpaid bureaucrats. The whole city could stop fuctioning for a month and nobody would notice.

  11. Alex, the west side is a strange place. I took the wrong turn off the ringroad one weekend and it felt as if I were in the Middle East. I expected to see a sheep getting killed in the street.

  12. Does this mean that the EU Commission, Parliament etc have been taking time off? Have the guys who work for NATO been moved back inside their gated enclosure?

  13. Frankie Boyle in the guardian

    “no one wants to believe that our government isn’t interested in our safety, just like everyone really wanted to believe that Jimmy Savile cared about whether kids got to meet Duran Duran.”

  14. Are the restaurants open?

    Any, a question for our Professor of Political Economy to set his students:

    A lockdown of Brussels is estimated to cost EURO8.36 a day in lost productivity.
    How long before this affects Belgian GDP?

  15. @monoi

    ‘@ interested,
    Intelligence? Are you taking anything those cnuts are saying seriously?’

    I know some of the cnuts working in British intelligence and they are very good people, and extremely good at what they do. They are exactly why we haven’t had anything happen in the UK of note since 7/7, Lee Rigby apart. But you literally cannot win them all.

    I don’t know anyone in Belgian intelligence, but I strongly suspect they have good intel about something, because they wouldn’t be wanting to shut the place down without it.

    Yes, I suppose it could all be some power mad show of strength, but really?

    Personally, if I were in Brussels I would be bowling about the place as per, I think, but I don’t think that would give me the right to demand tube drivers did so.

    I agree with you that the terrorists have in a sense won, though. How could they not? It’s piss easy to win at their game and pretending they haven’t won would get a lot of people killed.

    What we need to do is change the rules of the game.

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