Not that boxing’s quite my thing but

Tyson Fury is the new world heavyweight champion!
Klitschko’s late onslaught isn’t enough!

Congratulations there.

5 thoughts on “Not that boxing’s quite my thing but”

  1. A big lad with a good game plan. Sensational win. Not sure about his singing, but then who would dare to criticise.

  2. 39 is old for a boxer. Barry McGuigan, mentioned in the article lost his world title when he was 25. Fury deserves praise for outfoxing Klitschko.

  3. Yes, but….the higher weights do tend to be a bit older. The male physique still thickens out in the early 20s. Not quite the same but similar, you expect props to be older than wings for the same reasons.

  4. @ Tim
    I agree that McGuigan isn’t the fairest comparator – I only chose him because that he was mentioned in the article. As you say bigger guys peak later (albeit the main reason why props continue at an older age is that running speed is less important for them). However Veteran’s (called “Masters'” in the USA) athletics starts at 35; Marciano was 32 when he retired undefeated; Henry Cooper was too old at 36 to beat the far less talented Joe Bugner; so 39 *is* old.

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