Oh do fuck off you idiot, umm, well, you idiot what?

Rose said the character All mocked transgender, androgyne and non-binary individuals. She encouraged people to sign the petition and pledge to boycott the film.
‘By hiring a cis [non-transgender] actor to play a non-binary individual in a clearly negative way, the film endorses harmful and dangerous perceptions of the queer community at large,’ she writes.

It’s called “acting”.

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  1. “If the producers and screenwriters of Zoolander wanted to provide social commentary on the presence of trans/androgyne individuals in the fashion industry, they could have approached models like Andreja Pejic to be in the film.”

    Zoolander? Yes, I’m sure that was what they were aiming for.

    *blue steel*

  2. I understand that “cis” is a word used by the transgender population to describe someone who isn’t transgender.

    Which is weird when you think about it because 99.9999999999999% of the worlds population is not transgender.

    They have adopted a special word to describe…..everyone.

    Like, rather than

    “is he transgender?”


    They have

    “is he transgender?”

    “no, he’s cis”

    What’s that added? I’m baffled. They’ve adopted a word that means nothing.

  3. The present crew of leftist activists are increasingly dangerous. These demented cunts seem to be a generation of “Red Guards” who would serve –potentially at least- as the thug arm of any Corbyn takeover ( or the equivalent in the US–Sanders or the Killery?).

    I have long advocated shutting all non-science uni courses and sacking the “teachers”/admin leftist crew. But it now seems that the dirty work of those scum has taken and there is a growing group of student pricks who will, in the future, be a source of much worse and more evil leftism than we are already suffering from.

    They must be broken as well as those who indoctrinated them. So they are booted out with all the other non-science students. The other, non-leftist students should have their student debt forgiven. Leftist activists must have their student debt tripled ie they have to pay back 3 times what they actually owe. The cash will be aggressively collected–indeed harassment would be the word. This should wrong foot the little bastards until at least middle age. Also those in question need to be blackballed so that they will never be allowed to have careers as teachers, lawyers, media hacks or any profession where they can affect or have influence over others.

    Such measures are indeed illiberal. But what is the choice? Allow these cunts to manipulate society to allow the return of full-on socialist tyranny? We have already gone dangerously far down that road. A vast amount of lying propaganda bullshit keeps alive the dead carcass of socialism which should have been buried in hell long ago. The new generation of these scum can’t just be allowed to peddle their middle-class Marxist shite and further take over the apparatus of state. If we could force a massive decline in state power then the leftist losers would be broken by their own failure and the failure of their bankrupt ideas. But while the state retains enormous power we can’t afford to sit back while zealot vermin take it over. As the Chicoms found out in the 60s–our lives might just depend on not allowing nutters to get control.

  4. I wonder what sort of lives these jerks lead, you can’t touch anything, say anything, do anything, fuck anything.

    I ask, why do we praise it, nuture and coddle them? The universities need to be shut down yesterday would be not soon enough and all of ’em booted out into the real world – oh shit that’s the problem – we all live in BBC reality – now.

    Its no small wonder that, the Daesh hate western society so much.

  5. And ‘cis’ doesn’t even mean that. ‘cis’ mean /this side of/, not /unchanged/. cisalpine gaul is the part of gaul on this side of the alps, not the part of gaul that hasn’t been transformed.

  6. Longrider – I am non binary (strange description).


    I am not offended. I might even watch it.

    I will definitely watch Twolander, even though it’ll probably be shite like Anchorman 2.

  7. I ask, why do we praise it, nuture and coddle them?

    As I argued on here recently, they get wrapped in cotton wool as children and shielded from the real world and their parents insist the whole world must adapt to take into account their little brat. And then the brat grows up into this: they’ve probably never come across proper adult behaviour before because their parents were trying too hard to be their “friend”.

    How else does this happen? They’ve got to learn it from somewhere.

  8. Tim Newman – they get wrapped in cotton wool as children and shielded from the real world and their parents insist the whole world must adapt to take into account their little brat.

    You’re right.

    Compare and contrast the more rough and ready upbringing of children in the olden days as described in literature.

    If it had a contemporary setting, Treasure Island would last about 6 chapters and end with Jim Hawkins being killed at the Admiral Benbow as he waits passively for the police to arrive.

    David Balfour would have cried about his “rights” instead of taking up arms with Alan Breck Stewart and fighting his way off the Covenant.

    Sir Harry Paget Flashman would be pursued by the Child Support Agency.

    Even Roald Dahl characters had more testicular fortitude than your average modern young un. Did little Matilda ever complain that she needed a “safe space”? No siree, she did not.

    The Narrator in Fight Club describes himself as a “30 year old boy”. That sounds about right for a lot of folks these sorry, lily-livered, limp-wristed days.

  9. The point of ‘cis’ is that it’s deemed preferable to ‘normal’ because ‘normal’ implies that anything else (not just trans) is abnormal.

    Most people who use cis are ‘normal’ and, in my experience, use it to describe themselves and don’t seem to have a problem if others don’t. In that context it’s harmless. Though I’m watching carefully to see where the nutters go with it.

  10. Harry Haddock's ghost

    Ffs. It’s zoolander. ZOOLANDER! It mocks everything. That’s the fucking point. It’s a comedy. COMEDY. .C. O. M. E. D…

    Oh, fuck it, I give up.

  11. I predict a wonderous collision when this bunch of posturing fools arrive in the real world in a situation where their views are not only not held, but not even recognised as existing.

    Application form for job? Can’t see them navigating the “gender” box without trying to write an essay about how they cannot adequately define themselves in a thousand words, yet alone a tickbox.

    Job interview? Imagine them being asked a probing question- “Describe an occasion where something hasn’t gone to plan, and how you coped?”. I reckon that the interviewed would be scrawling “DO NOT HIRE” about twelve seconds into the response, as cis patriarchy was being blamed for a uni project falling apart.

    Being introduced to colleagues? A no no, as our snowflake takes offence at being asked to shake hands with a manager.

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  13. Some American lefty prick who is on my facebook posted some apparent quote from Clinton that trannys have it so bad that 21 of them have been murdered in the US this year. I pointed out that of the 700,000 estimated trannies in the US this is a murder rate of 3 in 100,000. US murder rate is 5 in 100,000. No reply last time I checked.

    I keep him on my FB only to mock him occasionally like this. He was an English teacher in China, some of the most pathetic people you’re likely to meet.

  14. Mr Ecks,

    Do we have another online platform or real life debate space in common?

    I am the only person I’ve known about on Facebook and at debates run by the IOI that calls the students red guards instead of fascists or ‘stepford students’, which is definitely more accurate in describing their outlook and behaviours.

    I just wondered if we’ve ever unknowingly crossed paths or if not we should and form the league against the new red guards.

  15. I agree that no one who is neither called Hamlet nor a Prince of Denmark should be allowed to perform in the eponymous play. That will show those arty types what is what.

  16. Just been reading the Three Body Problem, some rather interesting bits about the civil wars within the Red Guards factions, makes me think I really should get round to looking at that period in history.

  17. Bloke not in Cymru – Excellent novel.

    I liked the sequel too, though not quite as much.

    Incredible to think that the Chinese – a culture that traditionally defers to authority and respects its elders – succumbed to that type of madness.

    Also, it puts Deng Xiaoping’s hard line on the Tiananmen Square protests into a certain tragic perspective. He and his family suffered horribly at the hands of the Red Guards. It might have tipped his hand towards crushing the next bunch of mouthy students who came along.

  18. The Narrator in Fight Club describes himself as a “30 year old boy”. That sounds about right for a lot of folks these sorry, lily-livered, limp-wristed days.

    Except today, that would be “30 year old girl”.

    Feminization of boys was a growing trend when I was at school, but it’s reached crazy levels today.

  19. Rob Harries: No I wouldn’t piss on CIA-book let alone set up on it.

    Glad to hear you are fighting the good fight on there tho’.

    As for an anti-left organisation. The problem is that such things have trouble staying coherent and focused. And you never know who is joining. You maybe taking in enemies set to sabotage you. Those things were true in the early days of the left too. But the left has always had sanctimonious bullshit on their side and that counts for a lot. It always flies far better with the AFC than reason and thought which are too much work compared to swallowing leftist slogans/soundbites.

    This is the real problem. Enough people recognise the danger. But all “conventional” means of trying to correct it are already corrupted ( and often in thrall to) the same gang we are trying to go after.

  20. Altho getting knowledge of what these Uni pricks are up to out to the general public and pinning the “Red Guards” label on them is not a bad idea.

  21. I’m glad I’m the age I am, when I feel comfortable not knowing what music is at the top of the charts, what style of gear is fashionable, or what the fvck cis means.

    A ridiculous word for a ridiculous subset of homo sapiens given an inordinate amount of time and coverage wholly disproportionate to their significance.

    I like the Frog word for them – “travestie”, which if used in English seems wholly appropriate to me. Pity that Bruce Jenner didn’t off himself in that car crash.

  22. Why do you need a petition to boycott something?

    Because any action is valid only if endorsed by the collective, perhaps?

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