Oh joy

Unions Push to Establish Bloc of Low-Wage Voters

Yes, it’s democracy and everyone’s vote is equally valid.

The prospects of building a bloc of voters around the push for a $15 minimum wage “are huge,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said in an interview Tuesday morning. “I think it’s quite possible to inspire the 64 million workers earning under $15.”

How lovely, a voting block entirely composed of the young, ill trained, badly educated and plain flat out stupid. That’s going to improve matters, isn’t it?

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  1. the young, ill trained, badly educated and plain flat out stupid

    It’s to help the ones who didn’t get a job on Wall Street.

  2. because the old, privileged, college-educated ignorant ones are doing such a great job at the moment (see GOP debates for soooo many examples)…

  3. They can go for the 94,000,000 unemployed adults (5% unemployment in the new maths). An unbeatable bloc. Then they could vote themselves jobs, and . . . and . . . why settle for a stupid $15 an hour when they could vote for $50 an hour? As long as they are being arbitrary, there’s no real reason to stop at $50, either.

  4. Blackburn, as you gave zero examples when there are soooo many, you are full of ****, engaging in a begging the question fallacy.

    Stoopid is as stoopid does.

  5. I’m sure the unions will be happy to explain how you build a bloc of voters without manipulation or disenfranchisement.

    Or how their scheme is essentially different from Google and Facebook’s ‘evil’ model of trading autonomy for benefits via aggregation.


  6. Some of those low paid workers fully intend to be high paid workers one day. They will see that they might be voting against their long term interests.

    Rather a lot of the long term low paid workers won’t vote. Chasing a “bloc” of non-voters is a stupid idea.

  7. “Join the union and your employer will be allowed to pay you less than minimum wage.”

    Yes, I can see that going down great as a recruitment strategy.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – ““the young, ill trained, badly educated and plain flat out stupid”: the Labour Party.”

    Well yes and no. The Labour Party is not made up of the low paid. Nor are they young. They are the party of the middle aged, ill trained, badly educated and flat out stupid bureaucrats who are paid significantly more than you or me.

  9. Old & privileged and GOP, what stupidity is that ! Old and privileged refers to the Democrats, whose two main candidates are 69 and 74 with the only other major possibility (Biden) who opted out, 72. All white and privileged.

    What’s so old and privileged about Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina, & Carson, not old, only one is “white” and not much of a privileged background amongst them. Trump, maybe, but since he’s a former registered Democrat, that figures…

  10. “How lovely, a voting block entirely composed of the young, ill trained, badly educated and plain flat out stupid.”

    If you substitute “young” for “old”, isn’t that pretty much the UKIP vote? I’m not saying they’re wrong, but demographically that’s the UKIP vote – old, non-university educated – see Farage.

  11. Luke, I thought that UKIP picked up a lot of Labour votes. But that makes UKIP a dog – whistle party that has moved with the times to reflect their voters’ prejudices more effectively than Milli – Labour. It will be interesting to see who votes for Corby – Labour.

  12. Diogenes, you may well be right. But I’m not sure that UKIP picking up a load of labour voters means that they are *not* picking up a load of old, uneducated, untrained “flat out stupid”. Unless you think all Labour voters are the best of breed, highly educated entrepreneurs.

  13. Back in the day the bloc of low wage workers was called the Labour Party. There are a lot less low wage workers these days.

  14. From Wiki:
    “Henry and Medina helped plan the breakup of SEIU United Healthcare Workers West (UHW-West), a 140,000-member SEIU local, and force half its membership into a new statewide local which SEIU claimed would have enhanced collective bargaining and lobbying power. UHW-West leaders balked at the plan, SEIU established a trusteeship over UHW-West, UHW-West leaders challenged the trusteeship and established an independent union (the National Union of Healthcare Workers, or NUHW), and the two unions began fighting over who would represent more than 100,000 employees in 350 bargaining units. Henry expressed strong anger at the move to create an independent union”
    Sounds a nice lady.

  15. @ BiM
    No,the Labour Party started as the Labour Representative Committee of the Trades Union Congress (or some very similar name) – note the “Trades” – these are skilled artisans keen to maintain (and improve) their status above the poor unslkilled workers and to rival the lower-middle-class. Why are there no engine drivers in the House of Commons? – because they don’t want to take a cut in their hourly rate of pay.

  16. @ Luke
    Farage is neither ill-trained, nor badly educated nor flat-out stupid. I may not agree with him (and mostly don’t) but if you try calling him that then *you* are being stupid.

  17. Bis, you’re in Spain. I have no idea what you are trying to say, but you’re in Spain, so please can you and other remittance men leave us alone.

    John77, “Farage is neither ill-trained, nor badly educated nor flat-out stupid.” Evidence please.

  18. Luke…did you notice how the Labour vote in England collapsed? Could it be that they were a party dependant on old, uneducated, untrained “flat out stupid” voters? Who then voted for UKIP? I suggest you don’t keep digging this hole for yourself.

  19. One thing that is noticable about UKIP (and SNP) in today’s politics is that they’re an old-fashioned evangelising party: this is what we believe, we want you to believe it too, join us! Most of the other parties have gone super-market: tell us what you want us to offer to you, then we’ll offer it to you and you can vote for it, tell us what to sell you!

  20. Regrettably Luke, I’m in the UK engaged in finally disentangling myself from your Septic Isle. Unfortunately, I still have a considerable stake in the place.
    When I read the opinions of people like you, I’m reminded why it’s my intention to get as far away from your like as I can.

  21. I think our island is just brilliant. But if you’re a bit sad and you’ve really got a downer on it then by by all means please do disentangle yourself from it. But please understand I take your protestations with a pinch of salt if you comtinue to hang around on UK blogs telling us what we should do with immigrants etc.

  22. “but you’re in Spain, so please can you … leave us alone”

    on a thread commenting on low wages in the USA, written by a Brit living in Portugal on a site hosted in California…

    You don’t really get this “internet” thing, do you Luke…

  23. Farage may well not have gone to university (lots of intelligent people don’t) but he was educated at Dulwich. You have to be pretty bright to get into that.

  24. Err, I’m a UKIP councillor and I’m degree educated with a 20 odd year in The City. As is the local MP candidate I acted as agent for in May. As is my boss, who stood for UKIP in Kent a couple of years ago.

    Call me old fashioned but I rather prefer the type of democracy where we actually vote for the people who make our laws and can get rid of them if we don’t like the job they’re doing.

    On immigration, I am completely relaxed about people wanting to come here to work and better themselves, but importing 300,000 people a year net to compete with the low-skilled extant population, without having the capability to scale the infrastructure to accommodate those sort of numbers, might not be the best way of going about it.

    What was that about a dog whistle ?

  25. The Labour vote in England did not collapse in 2015. It rose. Labour got more English votes in 2015 than in 2005 when Blair won his 3rd term.

  26. @ Luke
    Making a million from the company he set up is not proof, but everythig he says especially his jokes shows that he is well-educated.
    Stupid? – just listen to him taking the EU bureaucrats to pieces.
    Alternatively, how did he make a living in the City?
    “ill-trained” – some guy works in the City for a few years after leaving school, sets up his own company retires a a millionaire to go into politics and *Luke* thinks that his time as an employee ill-trained him to run the company that made him a millionaire – so “well-trained” means that he would have gone bust? (no, taking over the world is not an alternative unless you are christened Vladimir).

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