People who want to get laid

Who needs nightclubs?

Another in our series of questions in the newspapers we can answer.

8 thoughts on “People who want to get laid”

  1. People use Tindr now. With that, excessive regulation and the indifference of politicians, nightclubs are becoming an endangered species.

    And to be honest, I cannot say I will miss them when their gone.

  2. Given that all pubs are turning into boring gastro-pubs and cocktail lounges, nightclubs remain the one place where it’s still socially acceptable to get properly wasted.

  3. @Andrew M
    From what I have heard a lot of young people don’t go to clubs any more as they cannot afford the prices. When they want to get wasted they do it at home with booze from the supermarket.

    Nightclubs have pretty much turned into places were the middle aged go to get wasted.

  4. It’s not just nightclubs.

    Small concert venues are dropping like flies- the sort of places I played regularly in have been squeezed out too. Either thru a lack of disposable income in the attendees, noise abatement orders as an area gentrifies or simply switching to a more profitable use.

    No major surprise (most of these places were shoestring operations back then), but affordable nights out are hard to have, when booze is so pricey

  5. “Small concert venues are dropping like flies…”

    Coincidentally, I’m currently engaged in trying to open one. There seems to be no shortage of musicians want somewhere to perform. And no shortage of people want to go listen to people perform. If I can’t make a profit off of that potential mountain of created value, there’s something wrong with me.
    But we do have the advantage of cheap booze prices – although it’s the mark-ups that hurt the punters. And it’s a lot easier to find a location where noise isn’t a problem. The one I’ve got in mind is slap bang next to a major highway.

    As for nightclubs. Whole different interpretation put on that word, down south. Getting laid is guaranteed.

  6. BiS: the only folk who I know who have made cash running clubs are promoters who book acts for occasional night. The overheads of running a regular night/club as proprietor are murderous apparently.

    Maybe cheap booze and the increased margin will help, but I’d avoid it in the UK.

  7. I was browsing through the weekend listings of super-expensive houses in the NYT and WSJ yesterday … and noticed quite a few with a “nightclub” in the house.

    Who needs a nightclub inside their house when a huge part of getting laid was always getting someone from the nightclub back to your house?

    Perhaps the amenities people need a clue.

  8. Dave Tufte: “I was browsing through the weekend listings of super-expensive houses in the NYT and WSJ yesterday … and noticed quite a few with a “nightclub” in the house.”

    The nearest I’ll even get to a nightclub in the house is keeping a baseball bat behind the front door.

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