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Save the local authority staff!

Town hall officials will face up to two years in prison if they abuse snooping powers under a crackdown on council surveillance to be unveiled on Wednesday.
A new offence is to be created to target public authorities who inappropriately access phone and email records.

Why not just protect them by temptation by removing their powers to do so in the first place?

10 thoughts on “Save the local authority staff!”

  1. I think, by this point, I’m going to need to read the proposed legislation before commenting Daily Hate style on any more of the apparent idiocies.

  2. Remove their powers, and then remove them from the payroll. Anyone who thinks that local government snooping is money better spent than fixing roads and emptying the bins is a waste of Council Tax.

  3. The scum at the top give their minions a certain amount of power to facilitate the individual-crushing power of the system. The minions used it in ways not anticipated by their masters. This would not concern said masters at all other than it has created protest that might lead more people to question the nature of the system. Therefore a cosmetic fix must be brought in that gives the impression that the state is self-policing its own evil.

    Unless council hacks actually do something like abusing the system to make money for themselves it is very unlikely that any of them will see the inside of a jail cell.

  4. Removing their ability to access such stuff would be even better than removing their powers. I don’t know why they got it to begin with. What was the justification?

  5. So with one click of your mouse you can find out who your neighbour’s snapchatting in the middle of the night, but you MUSTN’T do it.

    Yeah, that’s going to work.

  6. “Removing their ability to access such stuff would be even better than removing their powers.”

    Removing them completely would be even better, without pension or fat redundancy. No-one would notice in many cases.

  7. I just scanned the headlines earlier – talk of “up to” two years inside. Yeah right, that’ll stop them. A slap on the wrist and being told “don’t do it again or I’ll tell you not to do it again” counts as “up to” two years inside.

  8. Very few abuses by the police of records checks have led to dismissal, though I think the rate is higher for civilians working for the police. Usually it’s a slap on the wrist with some mandatory privacy awareness training.
    It’s likely the ratio of undetected to detected unauthorised access is pretty high though, any half assed excuse to look something up is considered legitimate and most probably only systematic abuse is spotted.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see some report about police or other officials being caught at some point soon so that it can be made to look like they are cracking down.

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