So, boiled turnips for everyone then

Beware the crispy roast potato and the crunchy slice of toast. Both contain worryingly high levels of a cancer-causing chemical.
A new study by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the Government’s food safety watchdog, measured the amount of acrylamide – a cancer-causing toxin – in roast potatoes, chips and toast cooked in the home.

After all, we wouldn’t want you to enjoy your food now, would we?

11 thoughts on “So, boiled turnips for everyone then”

  1. I always jokingly ask MrsBud to make sure that the roast potatoes have lots of acrylamides. And shepherd’s pie without the mash potatoe cooked to maximum tasty acrylamidicness is just not on.

  2. If the cancer-causing toxin in the spuds doesn’t kill you, or the duck fat they were roasted in, it will almost certainly be the booze you swallow to wash them down.

  3. Not this story again? It comes round every few years. We all die of something, and to be honest reading crappy health scare stories in the Telegraph is probably as bad for you as shovelling in acrylamide.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    The usual suspects have failed to find any problem with acrylamide in the food chain. It is not something you would want to slather on your skin, but eating it appears harmless enough:

    As of 2014 it is still not clear whether dietary acrylamide consumption affects people’s risk of developing cancer. Possible confounding effects include the fact that humans have been cooking food for hundreds of thousands of years, so that results from animals may not be applicable.

    Shame on the Tellie. Which is really aiming for the intellectual level of the Daily Mail with the politics of the Guardian.

  5. Toast? Fucking toast? Is this a spoof?

    Have any of them noticed that, despite toast and other dangerous foods containing CANCER!!! which the British have been eating for centuries, the average lifespan has steadily risen?

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