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So this is obviously a Linked In scam, but what is it?

I get an email:

Dear Tim,

I came across your profile in Linkedin and i would like to consider you for a vacancy that is currently available..
Our consultant will call you up regarding the details of the vacancy if you could forward a contact number and a time that will be convenient to you,
Best Regards

And there’s a link to a LinkedIn page:

Cassendra Albert
Director at Bolton Recruitment Pvt Ltd
Shepway, Kent, United KingdomHuman Resources
Bolton Recruitment Ltd
BAE Systems, REED
University of London

Hmm. There’s only a couple of results for a “Cassendra Albert” on Google, the only one appearing to be a live person not being this person. “Pvt” is the Oz for “Ltd” so a company being Pvt and Ltd is unlikely. There’s no Bolton Recruitment that I can find, let alone in Shepway.

So, a scam. But what the heck is the scam? What might they be able to gain by having my phone number (which is in the book anyway)?

Not quite interested enough to answer the email but…..

11 thoughts on “So this is obviously a Linked In scam, but what is it?”

  1. Harry is quite correct. Pvt is south east asia. Used (at least) in Singapore and India, possibly others. So your scammer is from SE Asia

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Pvt is Indian, isn’t it ?

    Funny they chose “Shepway” – I live there when in the UK. But it’s just the political name for the district derived from a local river. It has no real meaning.

  3. Sometimes small recruitment companies advertise fake jobs to get people on the books. My bosses job appeared on one once and it confused the hell out of him

  4. My best guess …
    It’s a wonderful opportunity, just up your street, what you’ve been looking for all your life, etc, etc. But there’s some security processes needed for which the fee is only £???.
    That, and getting more information from you with a view to identity fraud.

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