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Some things just work better in Italian

Siamo governati da idioti


(From Twitter, a translation of one of my headlines)

7 thoughts on “Some things just work better in Italian”

  1. Not just headlines, but women, food and wine, stylish clothes, motor cars – but only Ferraris…did I mention ice cream.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Bernie G. – “Not just headlines, but women, food and wine, stylish clothes, motor cars – but only Ferraris…did I mention ice cream.”

    But not government. Not cars, actually. They look nicer but have you ever owned an Alfa Romeo? They spend more time in the shed on blocks than on the road. Ferraris are worse. They are the only people in the world that can make you wish for the reliability of British Leyland.

    It is what the Italians are good at – looking good. Not actually working well. All style.

  3. They used to say if you couldn’t afford a Ferrari you settled for a Maserati, and if that was out of reach an Alfa Romeo. I appreciate Alfa’s shortcomings, but damn it they did look good.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I loved working in Italy and listening to them talk, but it was a shock when I first started.

    I thought my first meeting was going well until I pointed out to an Italian that the work he’d been doing for 6 months was a waste of time and a not insignificant amount of money. It was like Vesuvius erupting with lots of shouting and arm waving. I never did find out what he was saying but when he eventually came down off the ceiling we carried on as if nothing had happened.

    The wine, women and food are also great and made the whole experience very enjoyable to the point where we’ve driven down to Italy and toured by car a few times.

  5. I’ve owned nine Italian cars: four Alfas, three FIATs and two Lancias. All of them did exactly what it said on the box, gave great driving pleasure, and none of them ever broke down.

    In contrast, all of my British (BL) and German (VW) cars were shit. The BL cars all suffered premature bore wear and were burning oil and pissing blue smoke at 70,000 miles. Both my VWs started bleeding carbon monoxide from the exhaust into the car via the heater.

    One might expect Germans to have a teensy-weensy little bit of sensitivity about mobile gas chambers, but no, they are well into the third generation.

  6. I agree that Italian is a wonderful language (as indeed are all languages) when used for a purpose that best suits them.

    My language skills in French are OK, German less so, Hungarian and Russian just about competent in simple situations (all naturally includes swearing).

    I do not believe, for example, that any language could improve on the short phrase in English below although many could no doubt be more literary, base, bestial etc:

    “Richard Murphy is a cvnt.”

    Do feel free to try though.

  7. Guiseppe Verdi certainly sounds better than joe green
    Had an Italian boss once and it’s certainly an adjustment required in the style of speech even when communicating in English. Two Italians can appear to be having a bitter argument to someone from Britain when in fact they are just saying hello and how are you.

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