The richness here is Ritchie rich

HMRC must have been aware of the risk that they would be accused of this. In that case I do not think their annual report was accidentally misleading. I think they meant to mislead. Or deceive. Or make a false representation.

Sure that’s strong language, but I am bored by having a tax authority that from the very top goes out of its way to hide the truth

Murphaloon is complaining about people being misleading?

9 thoughts on “The richness here is Ritchie rich”

  1. SE/ Tim

    ‘Your statement is absurd. I am a friend of the truth’

    A verbatim quote which nearly caused me to be hospitalised as it made me choke….

  2. And today he pronounces on the CoA decision on the Rangers FC ebt scheme; “a victory for common sense” he calls it. You might have thought a blogger calling his site “Tax Research UK” would have arrived at this a little bit before the CoA decision is reported by the BBC. It’s almost as if he isn’t conducting any actual tax research but just reading the papers instead.

  3. Although a statement by Ritchie would almost always tend me to take the opposite view, there are occasions on which, much like the stopped clock, he may be right (even if for entirely the wrong reasons).

    In Lin Homer, HMRC is led by a venal grotesque incompetent of almost Roald Dahlian proportions.

  4. Ironman

    As he has been cast aside by the TJN and other ‘Tax campaigners’ for sheer obnoxiousness and given the Corbynites witnessing his performance even in house Left wing rags like the Guardian, let alone his appearances on platforms like the Andrew Neil seem to have cast him adrift – is this his final destiny – ‘Merely’ another normal blogger taking his cue from the daily headlines rather than setting the zeitgeist?

    I wonder what fantastical scheme along the lines of ‘The Fair Tax Mark’, ‘Capital Safe Havens’ , or ‘People’s QE’ he can next invent? The physical resemblance to the Reich Minister of Economic Affairs, Walther Funk has been commented on before but intellectually perhaps a closer analogy would be the Nazi lead ideologist, Alfred Rosenberg – certainly the description by Goebbels of Rosenberg’s output -‘philosophical belching’ could easily be applied to 99.9% of what comes out of TRUK…

  5. I thought his recent post titled “50 shades of tax evasion” was scraping the barrel, especially in view of his anger at the Cameron joke. He is obviously desperate for attention.

  6. I do believe that at 2.46pm today Ritchie accused a tax tribunal of being crooked.

    Now, if the Courageous State were genuinely Courageous Ritchie would answer this suggestion. He isn’t though, any more than he is a tax expert or an economist…or a public intellectual or…

  7. He’s sailed very close to the wind accusing companies, auditors professional and public bodies of negligence and possible malfeasance on a few occasions, he has had to back down recently on a couple of posts that I recall.
    One day is he going to go too far and that will be fun to watch. It seems based on his rants that he still holds a grudge of some sort relating to his time training as a CA with one of the big firms.

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