This is going to work well, isn’t it?

Alcohol is to be banned in India’s third-most populous state in a move that will affect nearly 100 million people.
Prohibition will be introduced to Bihar in northern India from April 1 next year, after the chief minster said he would honour a pledge made to women’s groups ahead of recent state elections.
“Women in the state started an anti-liquor campaign,”said Nitish Kumar, announcing the ban on Thursday. “Increasing liquor consumption was a major cause for domestic violence, particularly against women, and had contributed to a rise in crimes.
“I have instructed my officials to start working towards this [ban] and implement this from the next financial year.”

Doesn’t anyone ever learn from history?

The ban will be Bihar’s second experiment with prohibition, after a failed attempt from 1977-79 which saw an proliferation of smuggling from neighbouring states where alcohol remained legal.
However, Mr Kumar dismissed concerns that the ban could be flouted or lead to another rise in bootlegging and smuggling criminal activity.
“I know people will say that even after banning liquor it will be sold illegally. If it happens then we will deal with that strongly,” Mr Kumar said, without providing further details.


12 thoughts on “This is going to work well, isn’t it?”

  1. A quick detour to the 19th Century for femmi-power vs the Demon Drink –IanB must be on his way here even as I type—and then forward to the 1920s for a shitload of fun.

    Although they already have the Untouchables on the job.

  2. As I drink(granted it’s piss water) brews with my significant other I have to wonder which drug(marijuana, opiates…etc) provided the campaign funding?

  3. And then people still question whether Feminism etc is just Puritanism under a new banner.

    It’s actually worth remembering that Feminism specifically grew out of the Temperance Movement.

    Hi there, Ecks 🙂

  4. It’s this sort of nonsense that makes me wonder if Corbyn might do well at the polls. There are a lot of short memories out there combined with a seemingly endless supply of people who resolutely refuse to learn from history.

  5. I think Corbyn has a lot of appeal to those who (not entirely unreasonably) think the past few years have been about fucking over ordinary people for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. However wrong he may be, he at least has the (apparent, at least) merit of being different.

  6. Steve Crook: There are a lot of short memories out there

    True, but then we are treated to a fresh corbynanity every day so poor recall isn’t such a problem.

  7. “Prohibition will be introduced to Bihar in northern India from April 1 next year…”

    Al Capone’s ghost chuckles.

  8. The Guardian will love this.

    If we make something illegal, it will go away. Hard to believe a functioning adult could swallow this, but a remarkable number do.

  9. Was there an accompanying highway bill, to improve the roads to neighboring states to handle the increased traffic?

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    [This one]

    A few years ago I was working on a project in one of India’s dry states. Being forewarned we’d all taken a bottle of spirits or 2 with us. Working in the hotel room one evening an Aussie on the team who had brought Gin with him has a rather bizarre conversation with room service:

    Aussie: “I’d like a bottle of tonic water, please.”
    Room service: “Sorry, sir, this is a dry state.”
    A: “Yes, I know, I’m just after a bottle of tonic water.”
    Rs: “Sorry sir, this is a dry state.”
    A: “Yes, I know….”

    This went on for a few more rounds with the Aussie getting ever more exasperated. In the end he had to resort to gin and water. He said it wasn’t very nice.

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