Tim Newman has bluegrass

Others find different solutions:

But judging by their comments, some would not be entirely dismayed at the idea that Botswana might not be their home for ever.
The company’s health and safety manager celebrated the fact he could buy a quality steak for a pound but added that his Persian cat was struggling with the heat.
A female staff member said she had taken up golf “as it’s a great way to fill lots of time, particularly if you’re bad at it”.

9 thoughts on “Tim Newman has bluegrass”

  1. Indeed. For men, you need to find something which keeps you out of the pub and away from the local women Monday-Thursday. I resorted to building Airfix models in Sakhalin, I’ve seen some blokes even doing giant jigsaw puzzles. Bluegrass at least provides a way of socialising when you return to civilization, sort of.

  2. I work away from home, and can attest to how hard it is to fill the downtime.

    I have taken up stamp collecting (can already play instruments), and that has helped, but after a few hours, my eyes pack in.

    Mind you, that might be the pornography that I have on in the background whilst sorting thru the stamps.

  3. There are careers that give you downtime when working on-site?

    Yeah, for sure. If you’re offshore you’re working 28 days on/28 days off. In theory, you work 12 hour shifts but the handover and the fact that there isn’t much else to do means you do 14-16 hour shifts. Your commute to work is 20 metres and all food and housekeeping is provided, so even there you have some downtime. And if your rig shuts down or you’re sent to the beach for any reason, you get plenty.

    On an onshore site you’d be looking at 7 weeks on, 3 weeks off working 6 days per week. Days would be 10 hours long. Your commute might be as much as 200m though. Sundays and evenings spent in the gym, eating, watching TV, and reading. If there is a town nearby, there is plenty of scope for getting into trouble. And in places like Africa, if there was no town nearby there soon will be.

    But yeah, sites keep you busy. The real danger is for the guys doing residential assignments working office hours in shithole towns where there is not much to do but drink and chase women. Doubly so if the local women are as fit as hell.

  4. I used to play a bit of badminton. Team sports were next to impossible because nobody could be certain when you’d be available, whereas turning up at a badminton club when you happen to be free is fine. It’s more sociable than golf.

  5.  Doubly so if the local women are as fit as hell

    ‘As hell’, indeed, with STD’s.

    I’ve travelled widely; but, apart from some south asians, I have never found women of non-white races sexually attractive. Consider the Abbottopotamus…

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