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Please Sir, can we be oppressed some more?

The UK Doesn’t Have Low Wage Poverty, It Has Tax Poverty

Soaring Corporate Bond Issues Show That The Federal Reserve’s QE Really Did Work

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  1. From the Living Wage Poverty article.

    As I’ve pointed out many a time before, pointed out so often that the government has actually changed its policy on the matter

    “I invented something! I will tell you about it repetitively! Gissa job and pay me!”

    Hurrah, congratulations, secret handshakes and lashings of ginger beer all round

    “I speak for the poor!”

    The truly annoying thing about this solution is that I’ve been suggesting it for this past decade or so, ever since the living wage was invented. And the government has picked up on that idea (they’ve raised the personal allowance significantly, and yes it is as a result of my agitation)

    Note to self: action a FoI request for all correspondence between Worstall and HMT; stalk the wife.


    in my native UK,


  2. The Left need poor people, lots of them, so they can manage their poverty. It does their cause no good to move people out of poverty. Why then vote Labour?

  3. Arnald,

    Can you help me and point out the “gisa job / pay me” bits in the article – my eyesight is failing me?

  4. I agree with you on the tax threshold/minimum wage issue, and have done for almost two decades. 15 years ago I was on about 10k a year, which as a frugral single person was loads to me, and was paying plenty of tax on it as the single person allowance was something like £6k. I was shocked when somebody told me that that 10k I was paying tax on was less than the minimum wage*, that somebody doing a full year of full weeks on MW would be paying 20% income tax on half of it (plus NI). Very definitely, the lowest tax (and NI) threshold should be set at a full year*full week minimum wage.

    *The job I was doing was outside minimum wage legislation.

  5. “I agree with you on the tax threshold/minimum wage issue, and have done for almost two decades”

    I think you should say that Worstall agreed with your idea ten years after you first thought it.

    Credit where it’s due.

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