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Maersk Is Hurting Bad But That Doesn’t Mean Global Trade Is Collapsing

GT Advanced Technologies’ Deal With Apple Seems A Very Reasonable Outcome

Just for those at home keeping score, that’s what $35 financial journalism looks like these days…..

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  1. I know….but that’s what freelancing seems to come down to these days. Make $35 here, £50 there and €100 there, and if you do something like that each day then you’re earning £60k a year which is a nice living really. Just got to build it brick by brick and not turn anything down, not unless they’re taking the piss (“I’d like 10 blogs posts of 250 words each for $5 please!” shit can go….well, you know).

  2. Jeepers, that’s not much more than shelf-stacking at Tesco (though better fun, I’d hope). It sounds as though journalism is becoming like the law – a relatively small number of fat cats pulling down 6 or even 7 figures a year and thousands scratching around at the bottom trying to make enough to pay the rent/bar bill.

  3. If you can make £60k shelf stacking, kindly let me know where! I’d be willing to consider a career change from my current engineering specialism…

  4. Someone like Auberon Waugh would be impossible now.

    Guardian: pampered cry-babies
    Daily Mail: clickbait and screeching
    Telegraph: see Daily Mail (with added Catholicism)
    Others: failed versions of the Daily Mail

    Only the Sport had the integrity and good manners to go bust.

    Clearly Journalism should be nationalised immediately.

  5. “If you can make £60k shelf stacking”

    Under PQE this will be entirely possible, along with the 15 quid pint of milk.

  6. I had no idea the pay in journalism was as low as that. I mean, I get paid more than that teaching English to old women for an hour and a half on Monday mornings. A 100 Euro gig is a four hour morning down at the local art college.

  7. In 1914 you could expect to be paid by the Strand magazine about £350 for a short story, not far off the annual income of a family doctor. Alas everyone is now a short story writer.

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