To recycle an old Goon Show joke

We had discussions with one of the Australian Prime Ministers…..

6 thoughts on “To recycle an old Goon Show joke”

  1. Tales of Old Dartmoor. As said by one Gritpype Thynne, the honourable apparently.

    And remember, convict Eccles fell into a bucket of wet cement, and looks like becoming a hardened criminal.

  2. The sheer joy of taking the prison on holiday to the Chateau D’If.

    “Look, it’s the Atlantic Ocean. We’re rich!”

  3. But, you can’t take the prison to the south of France……people will talk !

    Ah, that’s where you box clever, you see we leave a cardboard replica…..

  4. (From memory)
    “Captain Smith would like to see you outside, sir”
    “Oh, he’s out there is he?”
    “No, he’s in here, but he’d like to see you out there”

    Don’t make ’em like that anymore

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