Well done Guardian subs!

So French … the timeless, unadorned elegance of Charlotte Rampling.

Charlotte is rather famously English…..

Proof, of course, that we do absolutely everything better than the French, even stunning redheads.

So Yah! Boo! Sucks and Agincourt! Crecy! to you matey!

11 thoughts on “Well done Guardian subs!”

  1. “Maroussia Rebecq is the founder of provocative Parisian fashion label, Andrea Crews,and famous for selling 3D moulds of her nude self”
    I know a guy does this. Takes moulds off the torsos (& other bits) of attractive women. Very attractive women. Stunningly attractive women.
    And they actually pay HIM for doing this! Really!
    Incredible, isn’t it?

  2. English by birth (Essex girl) and a bit of education, but mostly French otherwise. Grew up in France and went to school there and worked most of her life there. Married Jean-Michel Jarre, which is the not the behaviour of any sensible Englishwoman.

  3. Does it claim she is French or that her elegance is French, which given her upbringing would be true.

  4. Bnic…she is definitely not English in her comportment. As usual, Tim, gets it wrong. He will be telling us that Jane Birkin is English next.

  5. Does the fact that Tim has spent so much of his life outside the UK but has so little awareness of how not to be British suggest that he has no awareness of his surrounding culture?

  6. How come French female politicians are smart in all senses of the word: well dressed ,hair cut well ,intelligent and sexy while the English equivalents (with one possible exception) are boring or lesbian or tarty? The definition of republican virtues: French women.

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