Well done Mr. Chakrabortty, well done

the government is increasing “the share of overall spending on older people and health while reducing the share going to working-age families and economic growth”.

You’ve heard about demographics have you? The general ageing of the population?

5 thoughts on “Well done Mr. Chakrabortty, well done”

  1. Government may well be increasing the spend on older people. However thanks to the grey pound and means tested state pensions, much of the funding is coming from the self-same demographic.

  2. Expenditure on oldies is increasing per oldie, not just as a % of spending (which you’d expect from the demographics). For example a few days ago Osbo announced that the state pension would rise by 2.9% – that’s incredibly generous at a time when other departments are having their budgets cut.

  3. I dealt with a gentleman today who has just hit pension credit age – his DWP benefit payment has just changed from £100/week ( ESA ) to £151/week ( Pension Credit ). He wanted to know how much more council tax and rent he’d have to pay, currently 20% and 0%. The answer is 0% and 0%.
    He said it’s not too bad being a pensioner, I thought I’d have to pay a bit more council tax because of the extra income.
    I said that’s the government for you, they want you to go and turn the heating up and keep your bones warm.

  4. So if I understand the story correctly Osborne is shifting government funding to those that will either vote for him or fund his future campaigns.

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