Well, yes, obviously communists are nutters but

The jury of four women and eight men heard how Balakrishnan’s ethos inside the secretive commune combined communism, the supernatural and routine violence.

When the massacre of pro-democracy protesters happened at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, he told the commune he “wished it had been 3,000,000” killed. He would curse those who paid tribute on TV to people who died in events such as the 7/7 London bombings, Cottage said. He would rail against “ugly dirty whites” who he considered fascist agents.

He beat his daughter from the age of four, which he said he was obliged to do, the court heard, otherwise “Jackie”, an invisible force with magical powers and a mind control machine, would kill or torture her. Jackie stood for Jehovah, Allah, Christ, Krishna and Immortal Easwaran and would cause earthquakes, fires and tornadoes if anyone went against Balakrishnan, he is alleged to have claimed.

Even by the standards of the genre Comrade Bala does seem to have been taking it a little far.

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  1. Socialism is an evil mind-poison that attracts twisted psyches.

    That said this seems to be another legacy sex-case. Much as I hate the shite-scum of the left, this clown is not on trial for talking a lot of fantasy bollocks about what he was going to do to “fascists” (tut–such misplaced hatred for his fellow socialists) in the 1970s but for alleged sex antics. While part of my mind wishes to see a leftist be destroyed as it doesn’t happen anything like often enough I am still wary of ancient sex abuse claims. Even against a lousy leftist freak. Some of the colourful happenings described in the article could just as easily be tall tales. To wit:

    “The previous Christmas, when the girl was 13, she became distressed and started cutting herself. One night she heard shouting and saw her mother lying bound and gagged on the sitting room floor, Cottage said.

    No help was called despite Davies being in “extreme mental distress”, the court heard, and the next day the child found her lying on the concrete below the bathroom window in a pool of blood, telling Balakrishnan: “Kill me.”

    She was admitted to hospital and died the following August.”

    The following August? –from Christmas? An 8 month lingering demise?–or did she die of something else altogether?

    Another case that should receive a careful public airing of the evidence.

  2. What are the odds that there is at least one fawning and adulatory piece about this fruitcake somewhere in the Guardian, c. 1982?

  3. The reporting on this from all media sources has been very confused and poor. I’m still trying to piece it all together. It seems that one of the women was Sian Davies. She’s the gorgeous blonde in the photos (see especially the BBC photo). She did the usual idiot 70’s thing of giving up her possessions and going to live in a commune. She’s the one who gave birth to the daughter with the cult leader. The daughter, now 30, hasn’t been named.

    Sian Davies died in hospital in 1997. She had fallen out of the window of the flat that the group were all holed up in. It seems she spent a long time in hospital before dying. One suspects she had tried to kill herself (possibly the others threw her out the window, but suicide seems more likely). I don’t know if she was conscious or not in hospital.

    The daughter would have been 11 at that time. Apparently she didn’t know that Sian was her mother. She was told that her mother had died in childbirth.

    Earlier on there had been about 100 people in the organization, but by the end it was just Balakrishnan and a few women as they burrowed into themselves.

    Will make a great book, especially if it goes into detail about the earlier Communist activism, and its cult-like nature.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “Socialism is an evil mind-poison that attracts twisted psyches. …. While part of my mind wishes to see a leftist be destroyed as it doesn’t happen anything like often enough I am still wary of ancient sex abuse claims. Even against a lousy leftist freak.”

    Yeah. I am torn. Especially as there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the complaints. Sure, I believe every single claim made against the man, but consentual sex among adults, even if it involves a little BDSM, is not a crime. He didn’t keep people in chains.

    The logic of the prosecution seems to be that women are so feeble minded that they are dominated by their men to an extent that is equivalent to being in chains. Which is b0ll0cks. Women would be much better at making sammichs if it were true.

    He deserves death. Maybe he even deserves death for this. But it is not obvious that British laws were written with this situation in mind – except the Treason laws of course.

    Still, “elixir of life”? I wonder how that works as a pick up line? “Hey Baby, I got some elixir of life if you want it”

  5. “Balakrishnan’s ethos inside …. combined communism, the supernatural and routine violence.”

    Tautology alert.

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