Who thought this could happen?

Wikileaks released audiotapes on Monday purporting to reveal that appointees of the Bush and Obama administrations corruptly misappropriated funds intended to encourage the hiring of disabled people.
The tapes are intended to provide evidence that billions of dollars meant for disabled people went instead to defence contractors and other major corporations without large proportions of disabled employees.
The accusations centre on a government programme called AbilityOne, which awards about $3 billion annually in government contracts. Most of that money is distributed by SourceAmerica, a non-profit.
It is intended for companies in which at least 75 per cent of work is performed by blind or otherwise disabled people, as a tool to get more such people into the workforce.

Privileged access to government money leads to corruption.

Really, who would have thought it?

7 thoughts on “Who thought this could happen?”

  1. What’s the betting it all started when they found they couldn’t allocate the whole budget fairly and stretched the definitions a bit so they didn’t have to hand back cash.

  2. And no doubt, individuals at both recipients and donors received some generous incentive payments for their pro-active management in reducing the surplus funds.

  3. Oh look, a “non-profit”.

    Whoever thought up the idea of “non-profit” organisations was a genius. They are a superb front for huge salaries and all sorts of dodgy stuff, yet the public think “ooh, they aren’t in it to make a profit – they must be like a charity” which acts as some sort of invisibility cloak.

  4. And of course there will be a lot of idiots who think the solution is to give government more power as though that would get the money distributed “properly”.

  5. Rob

    you are spot on with that …. In the UK landfill tax is funneled to “not for profits” and “charities” – who specialise in rubbish – but not the sort usually associated with landfill….

    They are the anointed ones – saintly + beyond reproach wrapped in the do-gooder invisibility cloak.

  6. “Wikileaks released audiotapes on Monday”

    I call BS. No one has used audiotapes in ten years.

    ‘The tapes are intended to provide evidence’

    Does anyone have a machine that can read them ?!?!

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