Actually, this is rather cute of The Guardian

That they publish the piece about Murph not getting a peerage on the same day as the honours list.

Yes, I rather like that.

9 thoughts on “Actually, this is rather cute of The Guardian”

  1. Off topic, but regarding newspapers, the current lead story on the online Daily Mail is about poor Claire Cisotti, whose doctor has told her to move closer to work to avoid stress, replete with photos of her idyllic country cottage, extensive garden, husband and family etc.

    This breathtaking news scoop doesn’t bother to mention that Claire is a Daily Mail pictures editor. It strangely describes her as a “writer”.

  2. IanB: Why doesn’t the silly cow just chuck her shite job and get something nearer.

    Also-I was once obliged –during the visit of an Aunt- to watch a supposed Xmas film called “The Holiday”.

    This film featured La Winslett as a female writer for some London-based daily who commuted to a cottage in the wilds very much like the one in the picture. The “plot” was tripe about her unrequited love for some metrosexual git but I dozed off so I don’t know what happened.

    I wonder if today’s kitchen sink drama has come about as a result of the woman having seen the movie, identifying with La Winslett, noting the cottage based similarity and, lacking a more romantic sub-plot, decided to write about her more tawdry troubles.

    What other reason could there be for pestering us with her domestic difficulties and charging punters money to receive intelligence of same.

  3. Newspaper (picture) editor? Surely that’s exactly one of the sorts of jobs that can be done from home via electronic communication.

  4. The theme of the article is working woman + property porn. Most DM articles are intended to stimulate anger or fear, and this one will make many envious DM readers froth with rage at the complacent woman. As the great Lord Salisbury remarked, the Daily Mail is a newspaper written by office boys for office boys — except now it is more for office girls than boys.

  5. Some hot photo editor: it would be nice if she could decide to refer to herself in the third- or first-person in a single bloody sentence in this caption:

    Claire’s parents pictured in 2006. They lived close to the cottage and although Claire’s father died two years ago, Grandma Trisha and Grandpa Charlie were an integral part of my children’s lives in their formative years

    Also a nice nice double-up – hubby’s the credited photographer throughout the piece.

  6. PeteC said:
    “He’s looking a lot more grey in that photo”

    Murphy? Yes, I thought that; it’s the grey, pasty, flaky skin that looks like he’s really unwell – or just doesn’t get any sunlight.

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